Obligatory COVID-19 vs Games post

Well, there you go them we have been isolated and shut in, and we have all seen memes akin to the Tom Cruise laughing one, in this meme he enjoys the idea of being mandatatorially told to "stay in" as he is a metaphor for the gamer population to are supposedly ecstatic as all they do is sit in a darkened room and caress their joypads.

Even before Covid the blogosphere internet was rife with the boomer crowd bemoaning getting old and having too many responsibilities/not enough time to invest in video games. As today we are all shut-ins with reduced commutes and more time in the house, in theory, this should in part make the moaning quieten down as you have been gifted more free time.

Does lockdown give you more time for games... Yes. Ultimately, "Yes" is the spoiler filled gist of the remainder of this post, in most cases being at home, lacking the commutes, lunch hours and ego-driven CEO town-hall meetings will give you more time, so either you choose to fill it with your god-given right to play video games, or you don't!

However the top notch snowflake reason you haven't is:

Game Library Paralysis
Dig if you will the picture, of you engaged in your Steam/Xbox/PC game library 400+ games, many of which you scroll through you cant quite remember when you bought them, either as part of a bundles or a sale. Most of them have encouragingly high scores from users, many of them also say, "if you liked X-game, you will love this game". Which though it may spur on your inner anarchist to say "fuck you, I wont do what you tell me", is probably pretty spot on! These fucking algorithms know you better than you know yourself Breathy Bob. But regardless, you scroll, you find solid contenders for your time, such as "Free to play" games which end up after reflection, untouched because how can you play a free game when you have so many you payed (/got in a bundle/got in a promotion). Look at all those Nes/Snes Games you are getting for free with your Nintendo online sub, they are great theu hold nostalgia, they are time sinks and have a marginal zeitgeist around them... But well, is it OK to play a game from nearly 30 years ago? is that optimal use of the gift of time silver-lining-ed to us by Covid? Why not ponder that while you dick about with the feature to "tidy" your game library. Contemplating if you were to return to Skyrim, could you make a viable mage class and stick with it?


Love and Social-distanced Hugz
Richie X


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