Acid Rounds: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Acid rounds is a semi regular, irregular spot on TGAM for games we have beasted from start to finish. This week it's 10 year old Super Mario Galaxy 2 originally released on the Nintendo Wii.

Richie: Galaxy Eh, that implies this game is pretty huge... Is it?
Cunzy1 1: Well yes, but I haven't spent the last ten years solid on it. After finishing the first Galaxy game, I downloaded it on the WiiU where it sat for quite a while.

Richie: What Classes/Races can I play as
Cunzy1 1: You can play as Mario Mario or sometimes at random intervals, Luigi Mario. Both are acros although with high enough skill levels can DPS the aggro. Unlike class based games like WoW and Elder Scrolls though, button mashing won't get you far in this one (did I do it right?).

Richie: How do you define Beasted in this game
Cunzy1 1: Okay, so I just got to the main credits which, in true Mario style is around halfway through the game. As you may imagine there are secret worlds, hidden stars, prankster comets, green stars...

Richie: Is it as good as Odyssey?
Cunzy1 1: You know, I don't know because I have this backward rule where I can only play through games chronologically so there's another 6 Mario games to go before I get to Odyssey. OH NO THAT'S YOU THAT IS.

Richie: I like microtransactions they not only make a game more enjoyable but also facilitate climax, this game has microtransactions, right?
Cunzy1 1: When this game came out it was getting high scores despite not having any microtransactions at all. I'm very disappointed in this as I can now just play it straight through on a legacy console without missing out on a time limited, store dependent, licensing kerfuffle content. Maybe reviewers missed this at the time?

Richie: Why do furries like Yoshi when he is not furry?
Cunzy1 1: I think that technically, they're yarnies not furries you racist.

Richie: What two Mario games does this one sit between in the scale of Mario games?
Cunzy1 1: Musical scale? Chronological scale? Quality scale? Fun scale? Smooshing all those together I'd say it wasn't quite as good as Galaxy but better than New Super Mario Bros.

Richie: Do Mario and Peach wear cat outfits in this game, is it Yiff? and is that sort of thing "cool"?
Cunzy1 1: No they don't and I think you've got one more furry based question before we need to have an introspection about your likes, interests and fetishes.

Richie: Is there any point in playing this since Mario 64 was better?
Cunzy1 1: There are more graphics in this one, like 82 or something.

Richie: What is the story arc like, is it your typical 3 arc story?
Cunzy1 1: The story is like, so remember Mario Galaxy and Rosalina was on this space hub and you had to get the starries to open up the space engine? Well now you're on a Mario Head Ship with a linear level selection and Rosalina and the lumas aren't in this game at all... OR ARE THEY?

Richie: What resident evil game would you most liken this one to, and why?
Cunzy1 1: Because this game is quite platform heavy and set in space I'd say Dino Crisis 3.

Richie: Does Mario have a penis? Thoughts....
Cunzy1 1: The Internet beat you to it.

Richie: Are the pipes in Mario a living organism? There seems to be some sentience behind them which disturbs me late at night...
Cunzy1 1: I wouldn't say they were living in a strict sense, more like a huge neurologically triggered network so they react in limited reflex action-like ways but otherwise couldn't be said to be living.

Richie: Nintendo or Nintendont, that is the question...
Cunzy1 1: Nintendo right now.

Richie: What did you do in the war daddy?
Cunzy1 1: Listen I tried to sign up, I did but it was mt eyesight, no my hearing. Plus I was too tall or was it short? It was arguably harder on the folks at home than those dying on the frontlines anyway. I'm THE VICTIME. SYMPATHISE MEE.

Richie: Dungarees... Fashion statement or pure comfort?
Cunzy1 1: The Mario Bros and their evil mirrorses are THE only people who can carry off dungarees in non-trade settings. If you're wearing dungarees and not saving the Mushroom kingdom or doing plastering or painting, honestly, you're just signposting how awful you are. And no, wearing dungarees doesn't instantly make you a 'creative' that's just lazy writing in teen rom coms. Dungarees and no other clothes isn't sexy either it just makes you look like you flaunt basic health an safety regulations. Second only to that fringe that won't go away, you know the one, dungarees are a crime against aesthetics. Yes I'm gatekeeping dungarees.


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