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That Guys a Maniac Podcast 14: Lords of the Wars

This week we talk about the recent Racial Equality bundle that went up on and we also talk Are Mobile games any good yet? We are available on Google: Breaker: Castbox: Pocket Casts: Radio Public: Spotify: Apple: By searching for us on iTunes Love and Aural-Hugs, Richie and Cunzy Xx

Obligatory COVID-19 vs Games post

Well, there you go them we have been isolated and shut in, and we have all seen memes akin to the Tom Cruise laughing one, in this meme he enjoys the idea of being mandatatorially told to "stay in" as he is a metaphor for the gamer population to are supposedly ecstatic as all they do is sit in a darkened room and caress their joypads. Even before Covid the blogosphere internet was rife with the boomer crowd bemoaning getting old and having too many responsibilities/not enough time to invest in video games. As today we are all shut-ins with reduced commutes and more time in the house, in theory, this should in part make the moaning quieten down as you have been gifted more free time. Does lockdown give you more time for games... Yes. Ultimately, "Yes" is the spoiler filled gist of the remainder of this post, in most cases being at home, lacking the commutes, lunch hours and ego-driven CEO town-hall meetings will give you more time, so either you choose to fi

Status Check: Are Mobile Games Any Good Yet?

Tl;dr, No. Every so often a new flavour of mobile game comes along and you download it. Now your reasons for downloading it could be many: It has characters/personalities/endorsements from TV/Movies/Games and you like them. Giant anime titties or inferred nudity Some other brainwashed cunt tells you "It's different, this one is good"* It has been sold to you as the mobile version of [x] game which you used to play on [insert nostalgic actual gaming platform] *This is because he/she spent money on it, and the poor fucker is spreading their misery: isolate them, identify them as the problem, and destroy them.  There is a secret option here, which is it's own backward-ass problem You bought a console port - Well done you! Now go play it for 15 mins, get nostalgic, and promptly realise that it is not fun to play with touch screen controls and your big ol' thumbs are in the way, covering the UI.  I am a victim of this too, I can name a load of m

Are Mobile Games Any Good Yet? Pokemon Go

Not got enough Nintendo accounts? In between your account, Pokemon Global Link account, Nintendo ID, Nintendo Online Store account, MyNintendo and MiiVerse accounts, Nintendo has recently launched Pokemon Go which works with your Pokemon Trainer Club account which is the same as but not the same as the Pokemon Global Link account.  Pokemon Go is a mobile game that lets you catch pokemon IN THE REAL WORLD. Here's our exclusive hands on review: It's a bit slow to get going but once you login And then you get to have another go, oh. Gameplay a tad repetitive but nice image of Golbat 9/10

Are Mobile Games Any Good Yet? Miitomo Edition

Not got enough Nintendo accounts? In between your account, Pokemon Global Link account, Nintendo ID, Nintendo Online Store account and MiiVerse accounts, Nintendo has recently launched MyNintendo the new-all you need account for worse news and updates that independent Nintendo fan sites and the first vehicle that uses the MyNintendo account is mobile 'app' Miitomo .  Ninty has been trialling gentle-disgustingly fierce micro-transactions from free to play games like Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Rumble World through to not-ware Nintendo Badge Arcade and presumably a lucrative line in customising your handheld with 3DS themes.   Miitomo , like Nintendo Badge Arcade , takes pay-to-not-really-play to the next level. What is Miitomo ? It's a hyper scummy new social network that uses Miis. The app is so blatantly aimed at capturing the social network hype, for example, you can earn large amounts of one of the three new MyNintendo currencies just by linking M

Are mobile games any good yet? 2014 edition

Yeah they are not too bad. Still a bit arse-rapey with monetization. Love versus Zombies 2, Richie X

Mobile games are they good yet?

Ugh I cant stop playing Taptitude. Yeah I know I have a Windows7 phone, get your giggling out. I had an android phone for a while, and where it is good with all the (then) free apps, its gimpy linuxy experience couldn't do simple stuff like texting or phoning... big fat fail for me. And Apple, well I'm still on the fence. Firstly I don't really want    to conform to the millions of "individual snowflakes"out there, and secondly  are still no proper games for Apple... there is iOS games, re-imaginings of older games, which look pretty much the same as they did ten years ago or jumped up browser games. They are pretty but not for me. So I decided to go for a Win7 Phone, it tied into my 360 account, its fast, it works, it's more user friendly than the other "smart" phones, but there is fuck all for it, and no fucker wants it, nobody believes windows may have a product that is "easy to use"  Anyways, there is a couple of games for win7 Ang