Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokédex- who is in and who is out?

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are out, and have been for a while and although the Official That Guy's A Maniac Review(tm) has yet to come out, suffice to say we've both ploughed a heckuva lot of hours into it, especially the online components and it's good. It's very good. However, before we take a deeper dive in a review let's look at who made the final cut. We wrote about 'Dexit' in the run up to release but now the games are out let's take a look at who is in and who is out.

A bit of SPOILERS housekeeping first, we won't be talking about any of the new pokémon just which ones of the first 809 made the cut but there are some minor spoilers about pokémon with new forms so if you're still keeping yourself clean, look away now.

Here's a handy chart of who is in and who is out at the time of writing. Look at it in amazement/despair. If you've ever played and liked a previous pokémon game, there's bound to be at least one or two you're astounded to see didn't make it in. Some codey fiddlers have discovered that it looks like a few more will be available over time and when Pokémon Home eventually releases but for the time being we're just talking about what's available in-game now.

White squares means they're out, green means they're in and dark green means they've got a Galar new form. We'll be taking it in turns to pour several out for our lost pocket friends. You can play along at home by printing out this handy chart and crossing them off as we go!

Who Deed?

Cunzy1 1: Right let's get the biggie out of the way first. None of the starters apart from the Charizard line are in this game. Personally, it doesn't break my heart, especially all the shite dual typers but I can understand that a lot of people will mourn the 'mon they started their whole pokémon adventure with not being in this game.

Richie: Only 400 made it this gen, including new ones. meaning over half have been culled including my bae, Lopunny! my oversexualised female pokemon team will never be realised in Sword/Shield :( apparently Pikachu killed her, skinned her and is now wearing her skin a la Silence of the Lambs

"Would you Thundershock me?, I'd Thundershock me?"
*tucks genitals between legs*

Cunzy1 1: ALL THE FOSSILS ARE OUT! Yes. They were annoying version exclusives. Yes, they were annoying to breed as shinies. Yes, archeops' ability is debilitating. Rock types have suffered a significant loss. This is an affront to God. Is THIS the end of the road for Omastar?

Richie: I think I will miss Klefki, of all the beauty-and-the-beast-esque inanimate objects brought to life I feel best about that priority move busting key ring.

Cunzy1 1: Rip in peace pink fatties- jiggs 'n' wiggs, chansey 'n' bliss, lick'n'lik, miltank even alomomola. I guess we'll have to get our big exp boosts somewhere else. Extra sad to see jigglypuff not make the cut. Rest now puff, rest now. You've earned it.

Richie: All of the Box fodder Legendaries, Mythologicals, and Ultrabeasts. Like you all know that using these are cheaty, and regardless of how many times you soft reset the game to favourable stats, does not justify their viability... plus Quite happy not to have to find 3 legendary birds/dogs/coconuts/dogs whatever again and again ad nausium

Cunzy1 1: Also out, most of those rubbish bug types, grass two stagers and that pigeon and that rat one from most of the games. Goodbye venomoth, masquerain, happy butterfree, sad butterfree, that wormadam one and gosh we can't be bothered with forms anymore vivillon. As for the grass types bellend, hiphop anonymous, sunkist, punchy mushroom, other cactus man, venus flytrap man, bug blanket, grass monkey, flower lady and other other flower lady is gone. We shan't mourn ya. As for rattata, fat rat, beaver rat, eye rat, trump rat, pigeon, other pigeon, other other pigeon, other other pigeon are out. The pigeon pigeon is still in however and zigzag rat gets some love.

Who Not Deed?

Cunzy1 1: Gen fucking five that's who. Look at that chunk of green. We all know it's the worst generation right? Right?

Richie: Thank fuck Musharna is in! I was so worried we wouldn't have the foetus pokemon. But I guess cutting it means that Gamefreak are Pro-Lifers. Scum.

Cunzy1 1: Someone at NintendoPokemonCompanyGameFreak hates rock types this is 100% proof nobody can deny it, if they do they are a liar too. If you had to write down a list of the best rock types ranked best at the top and worst at the bottom and then choose the bottom half to put in this game you'd get the sol duo, sudowoodo, shuckle, corsola, onix and crustle and nobody can argue with me and I'm empirically right and tyrannitar is okay I guess and I like barbaracle but plenty don't. Crustle is fine. 

Richie: Gamefreak like to thrust their eevee phallus in you, all 15 million of them. Eevee is forced down our throats and into the spotlight as their flavour of the weak PoI. Obnoxiously very little has changed short of getting a dynamax form if you have the Let's Go save file on your switch, same Evos... a let down.

Cunzy1 1: Basculin. Good ol' basculin.

Richie: Right, to be honest there is no end to the mon's we can see that made the cut, mediocre rarely used, super un-viable 'mons that have just lived in the shadow of a 'mon that just did it better for generations. Who asked for Beheeyem? It definitely felt that the top tier mons have been removed, bye Dragonite, Bye Salamence. Does this mean more balance to the force? Will we see NU move to OU, or just have teh OU decimate, (glances at Gyrados)...

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Who Different?

Cunzy1 1: If you ever meet someone who says "Gosh darn it I'd love it if meowth had four forms, two evolutions and one of those evolutions had two forms" that person is ill. That person is sick and likely has ingested poison. Brain processing poison. But in their dying moments, they'd be happy with the 'pikachu treatment' this line is getting though and presumably they'll be spending a significant chunk of their playtime deciding who the sixth pokémon on their nothing but meowth team would be. I'm just joking, it would be a shiny meowth or meowth evolution.

Richie: Stunfisk... Wow the forme change nobody asked for, and Mr Mime, he's different but equally as detestable, good work.

Cunzy1 1: Furry-bait pokemon took a big hit but fear not, linoone and a new long tongued emo badger evolution will be the subject of badly drawn fan art for centuries to come.

Richie: Lets deep dive in to old knobby baws Darmantian. Why does this exist, like before it kinna made sense it was based on a Daruma doll, but now its a snowman.. I.. I just dont like this design, I cant get on board with it.

Cunzy1 1: Okay, I'm well aware I was just slagging corsola off up there but the new form is fantastic. Great idea as a climate revenge pokémon. Poignant even.

Richie: Cofagrigus, my favorite defendy-baws annoyer. He has a new forme where he has become a slab of rock with a "rune" on it, sure lets just give him Ground typing... that will ...*squints eyes*... make him ..*raises pitch*... better?

Cunzy1 1: Farfetch'd. New form, same old no viability.

Richie: Dunsparce, you know we all heard the rumors, of forme changes and/or Dunsparce  evolutions. But alas no 'sparce-ing for us this game *sad dunsparce face*


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