Level 60: The Road Ahead

So WoW Classic came out ages ago, and I have finally reached the pinnacle of lvl 60, which is less of a pinnacle than a plateau before you continue to hike up that mountain.

Having debated what I wanna do at 60 with my little Paladin I have decided I would like to get into at least a couple of raids and have been doing my attunements. As well as this I have been picking up that all important gear! But as a Paladin I have many options open to me, the go to is healing, but you can also Tank, or create soloing builds, or even RET-LOL, I have decided to take this further and dive into a niche retadin build! The Spelladin

What is a Spelladin?
Spelladin is essentially a ret-pala, with very similar talent setup, however rather than using Seal of Casino, it uses Seal of Righteousness and is with buffed spell power. The benefit thereof is that SoR is straight damage applied to every hit, and SoR is boosted by spellpower. As such the difference between Ret and Spelladin is Gear/enchants! Focusing less on (but not ignoring) Attack power/Crit and focussing more on +Spell Damage. But also as the core of this build is to hit lots very quickly with lots of SoR boosted damage, weapon choice comes into play, fast weapon-speed/procy 2-handers or multi-hit 1-handers (Flurry axe/Ironfoe) are the friends of the spelladin. That all being said ultimately the Spelladin, like the other red-headed-stepchild-spec (feral-kitty) will be using Manual Crowd Pummeler on bosses.

Why Spelladin?
It's a meme-memespec, competing less with the warriors, but more with casters for certain fingers/trinkets/cloaks, but also picking up some of those weird pieces of gear (+Spelldamage plate or shammy mail) that usually just get sharded.
It gets some good potential synergy for hybridization, all spellpower benefits healing and holy damage for threat in tanking.
Its fine out in the wild for soloing, yes there is a little squishyness from some of the non-plate gear, however the honour PvP sets offer +Spelldamage and can give the Pala some scarydamage with multi hits and a Judgement of Righteousness/Command!
Primarily though it's the spec that most utilizes the ever-fapped-over, Tier 2 Judgement set; it’s the pala RP spec, making it BiS even into Naxx. And Importantly in a correct group setup can outperform classic Ret builds.

Why not Spelladin?

  • Number 1 - Cost! The consumes list for the spelladin is pretty expensive, counterweights on MCPs, Shadow oil, Chilli, Elixirs, squid, ROIDS the list is pretty big. Not all necessary but to really try hard for one raid can net a pretty depressing hole in the wallet.
  • Number 2 - Debuffs, Two great debuffs for the spelladin is Judgement of the Crusader boosting all that holy damage even more, and Judgment of Wisdom, which can essentially almost completely removes Mana requirements and gives big meaty Concecrations (another debuff) Why is this a pain? There are only 16 debuff slots on bosses, and shot of a memespec smite/holy damage Priest nobody will benefit from JoTC other than you. JoW offers some viability for wanding/hunters. 
  • Number 3 - Casters hate you, I had this in a BRD group, to explain why I wanted to need on some spelldamage gloves. Not looking forward to that crimson felt hat moment….
  • Number 4 - The theory crafting… Oh man, downranking Conc and SoR has sweetspots depending on your +spelldamage: New bit of gear? Back to the spreadsheets!

Love and Gibberish,

Richie X


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