Dragon ball: Another Game

The Kotaku version of this post would go into detail with some wistful unimaginative bunk like how the dragonball characters related to the tough times that we were going through in IRL and how despite the lack of IRL friends, the dragon ball have given me great memories, akin to the first time you fingered someone, but hey we are not kotaku and we do not condone that sort of practice!

No Sir!

No fingering here... Much


Dragon ball: Kakarot is out so soon 17 January.

For the longest while we were a religious consumer of dragon ball games harking back to SNES. there was a glorious time in the PS2 when the games were brought out yearly, allowing you relive the iconic blake-esque "epic" that is following Goku (Spoilers: AKA: Kakarot) through his life and sees him battling foes, finding friends and love. At this point we believe it is customary to write a list of every dragon ball game ever But wikipedia can do that better than me:


The bulk of the Dragon ball games are very well received and a strongly founded in a niche fan following. Whether the game is fighting, RPG or a blend of both it always gets solid scores. Now that we are roughly half way though this bullshit post about a game that we have not played yet, we should preface this that in recent times we have not played the latter Dragonball games. Ultimately the games fall into the same trap of repeating the story over and over and there is limited appeal to go through all the fluff of the Frieza saga yet again. As such we took a step back and decided to pass on the raging blasts and Xenoverses (though did make a pitstop at Dragon Ball Fighter Z).

Wait so you are saying you are going to pick up the latest game touted as the best retelling of the story, but you are fed up of the story?

Well somewhat yeah... But like, there is pretty graphics... Potential um DLC and stuffs. Hey we dunno, maybe there has been enough time between the games to not care about the story yet again.
And I mean... you know... open world stuff.. maybe?

Ugh TBH... Yes there looks to be a lot of story stuff in there but in among it all there seems to be a lot of added content, lots of nods to the original series of dragon ball, before dragon ball Z arcs began. And we really liked the original dragon ball, and it has been long enough since we saw that to enjoy! (ed: like the creepy Japanese perving on panties stuff, right?).

There is a whole new-ish world to enjoy and we're hoping a more robust RPG element.

It's due out 17 January and we already jumped the gun and preordered this bad boy. Though ultimately with Pokemon Sword/Shield and our character being lvl 59 in WoW will this game get a look in or will it become steam library fodder in among all those creepy japanese games? Tune in, in 2021 for the round up -.-'

Love and Bulma's bloomers,

Richie X


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