TGAM Ponders: New Galarian Form Pokémon

Pokémon Sun introduced the idea of regional forms or variants of pokémon previously known and loved from other games and it looks like the same is going to be true for the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. We got a first glimpse of four new form pokémon as well as a newbie Morpeko so we'll take a look at that too.

Flaming Galar Region
On the brink of the UK's collapse, Game Freak have seen fit to commemorate the end of the state by setting Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield in a region, heavily inspired by the UK. In particular it seems that the British Empire and industrialisation are being celebrated with the coal pokémon Rolycoly and a new Weezing form inspired, it seems, by factory owners. What better way to celebrate colonialism and the tens of thousands of children that died working in factories for a pittance? Here's the new Weezing:

Richie: Yaaaaas Fairy/Poison, dig that shit! Maining Weezing, calling it now! I cant abandon my fire-rabbit starter quick enough! The Victorian industrial revolution design is funky, the dour grey and top hats is fantastic. Even Weezing's iconic expression works here conjuring the fat-cat stiff-upper-lip-old-boy aura. Brill.
Cunzy1 1: Yeah. Hard love. TGAM have a shared love of poison types especially the gen wunners Weezing/Muk/Arbok/Golbat. Already shipping Alolan Muk and Galarian Weezing. Hopefully this means Weezing might have some viability? Curious about the hidden ability too.

Following in the footsteps of giving rubbish pokémon an equally rubbish new lease on life; see also Mega Beedrill and half the cool-design-but-not-at-all-viable-Alolan-forms there's a new zigzagoon line form for the Galar region AND an evolved form.

Cunzy1 1: When you're favourite pokémon doesn't make the cut take solace in the fact that zigzagoon got a new form and evolution.
Richie: It looks like a badger fucked the mid 1970's - early 1980's punk subculture. Are badgers quintessentially British? I don't get this mon... Evolve and Box.
Cunzy1 1: You know what. I take it back. There're three people out there whose favourite pokémon is Linoone and against all the odds they've been fan-served. I'm happy for them all.
Richie: Yeah and it will appease all of the fanartists begging for another bipedal furry so that Lucario and Zoroark et al and have big furry fanarting orgies.
Cunzy1 1: They knew exactly what they were doing with Obstagoon's tongue and there's terraflops of deviant art already. Enough with the dark types though.

Lastly, because aside from the fanart market, none of these new pokémon are especially merchandise shifters we've got another useless adorable electric type to turn into plushies, notebooks, stickers, backpacks...

Richie: Oh wow another electric type I wont use, I mean  how many electric rodents do we need?
Cunzy1 1: Although it does instantly earn a spot on the not at all viable shit colour/form changing dream team alongside Ditto, Kecleon, Castform, Minior and Darmanitan which needed some electric support I guess(?).


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