Acid Rounds: Final Fantasy Explorers (Nintendo 3DS)

Acid rounds is a semi-regular, irregular spot on TGAM for games we have beasted from start to finish.

Richie: Oh here we go again, TGAM bragging about games they have beasted from start to finish... I'm sure you all REALLY care! Well strap yourself in, pin back those eyelids and set your faces to stun, as to day we talk about Cunzy allegedly beasting Final Fantasy Explorers. So over to you Cunzers, why on earth did you by this game?
Cunzy1 1: In the absence of charisma, charm, or any interesting facet about me really, I've decided that the interesting thing about me will be I'm the person who likes spin-offs better than the main series. So that's why I'm here to tell you Final Fantasy Explorers is better than any numbered Final Fantasy game of recent years.

Richie: Is Cloud in it?
Cunzy1 1: Of course! Although not as a real character. Characters from lesser Final Fantasy games appear as 'summons' by equipment magicite made from bits of gear. Equip the Cloud magicite and you can play as the little spiky haired fuck when you have enough meter.

Richie: Is Rikku in it?
Cunzy1 1: No. There's a lot of Gen Wunners; Cloud Aeris, Tifa and then Squall, Tidus, Vaan, Yuna and nobody's favourite Lightning.

Richie: Did/would you 'ship them?
Cunzy1 1: Cloud and Rikku? No. In fact, I never do hetero ships as a rule.

Richie: So its Monster hunter meets final fantasy on the 3DS, would you recommend it/play it again?
Cunzy1 1: Yes. It came out during the glorious era of surprise Monster Hunter clones that nobody asked for including Final Fantasy Explorers, Kirby Clash Deluxe, the NOT ATTACK ON TITAN Humanity in Chains and even Monster Hunter Stories. It's a better fit for the 3DS than Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and way way easier. Set up is simple, go on quests to hunt monsters/eidolons, capture and level up monsters to have on your own team, level up standard FF jobs and there's plenty of gear crafting. What I really liked was the ability levelling up and customisation through chaining together abilities and the fact that you could name your moves too.

Richie: Who is not in it, that really should be?
Cunzy1 1: Ermmmm Monkey Boy? Seems harsh to skip IX when it came to character cameos.

Richie: Should it be ported to prettier graphics land?
Cunzy1 1: No. It's one of those instances where graphics and gameplay fit the platform. Other Monster Hunter games are too much of a commitment on the go. I got through this game almost exclusively on the commute.

Richie: Did not having the National Dex hamper your enjoyment of this game?
Cunzy1 1: There are a lot of things to collect- ingredients, monsters, equipment, abilities, moves, eidolons, magicite and weapons so more than enough to do without all the stuff from other, lesser, Final Fantasy games.

Richie: What do you want to see in Final Fantasy Explorers 2?
Cunzy1 1: I'm not sure that I want to see a Final Fantasy Explorers 2 although I do want to see Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the Switch. It's a trope to complain about the sheer amount of hardware needed to play the original Gamecube release, but for those who didn't play, they missed out on the best Squeenix RPG of all time.


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