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We're... urgh... digital natives and we're now of the generation where mainstream media journalists don't really represent us. They's falling over themselves to appear trendy and more than a little obsessed with Twitter. Last week we read a fascinating story in the Evening Standard about Z-Celebrities reactions to Z list Celebrities leaving Celebrity reality shows for 'medical reasons'. This was whole page. This is loser generated content at it's worst and for those of us who grew up on the mean streets of long forgotten forums and who cut our teeth trolling wicca websites the constant obsession with who said what onTwitter and the sheer laziness and naivety of reporting drives us insane. Richard Bacon's answer to the problems of Trolling (pronounced Trollllling not trole-ing apparently) is to make everyone's profile with their real name and photo.  yeah, because RealID worked out really well.

Anywho. Who are we to complain? We're just the little voice of the internet. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Here be the news.

This week's top tech stories including Clanwarz Timesplitters 3 server, Gamasutra's golden rules for indies and Wired blowing their own horn as usual. Plus what does one half of videogaiden have to say about the next trend in tech?


Nicholas Lovell pulls a 'Bercow', Ubisoft are up in arms about how killer franchises The Hip Hop Dance Experience and The Expendibles 2: The Video Game aren't topping the charts, Xbox magazine shows off it's journalism chops and why award winning Eurogamer may win a Pulitzer.

The microfanfic phenomenon continues apace. 
  What has the Mars rover discovered recently?
Which lucky celeb gets their fortunes told this week?

See how fucking infuriating it is?


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