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So here it is then, the future: long gone are the days of plugging your console into your TV, long gone are coaxial cables, even scrabbling to put the SCART in, whilst trying to trace the input with your finger to make sure it's the right way up, is slowly becoming something you will wistfully retell to your grandkids. Nowadays everyone has a digital device and can "game" on anything. We have finally come to a point where these devices have higher quality games, no less than a few years ago colour mobile devices were playing glorified Commodore64 games using your 2,4,6,8 keys as a joystick.  Now we have easily PS1/PS2 quality games on the bog standard SMART phones, in no time at all its going to be the same tech everywhere expanding/improving at the same rates. As someone who has lived through the advent of home gaming, through generations of consoles, I can consider this a kind of golden age of gaming... Its everywhere!

Yeah its fucking everywhere and sponsored by fucking ads!

The horrible many phallus-fingered beast known as media marketing has caressed, fondled and penetrated its way into our gaming lives. What started as humble forking over of cash for games sprawled into generating continuous income through, monthly payments, bastardised into micro-transactions and the obvious advent of "free"-to-play. I fucking hate adverts, even on the television I resent being show some biased self funded lies to promote filth. Now every device has some way of promoting a product to you, any downloaded has some blatant advertising banner that is there for you to accidentally tap on. The worst product of this is click-to-play an unethical heartless use of your time, you get credits or get reduced fees for games/apps through purposely fulfilling "promotions" or clicking on ads. Greed is the basic incentive here, it's not targeted to benefit you directly unless it is genuinely a product you care for and 9 times out of 10 you dont you just want the game/app.

In-game advertising is a different beast, blockbuster games sponsored by products is a more solid and understandable rape, less subtle and molest-y. "Here is our massive cock product, lets ram it down your neck-hole". You know you can almost respect that...

I think I'm just pissed at all these ads that are forced into, and on top of games, they are so invasive, and the developers are aware of that that in many cases they give you the option to "pay" to get rid of them; I miss the humble "demo". The worst part these ads are actually penetrating all orifices, You see the same ones, on webpages, on kindles, on all platforms. The internet media marketing monster has its slimy tentacles nestled all over, and we have to live with it. I think we ruined it guys, time to make web 2.0... Oh wait...

Love and coke/pepsi/webcasino/chocolate philadelphia/mars/marks and spencer/wonga/giffgaff/charitywithhorriblepicture,

Richie X


  1. I love the way all the comnets are between themselves (old skool TGAM).

    It isn't just games. I've stopped visiting the Escapist and Rooster Teeth for the handful of series I'm interested in purely because every single video comes with an unskippable ad at the beginning.


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