Ouya a name to rival the Wii in Stupidity?

So all of you out there in internetland are probably dying to know what TGAM think about the Ouya.

2/10 - More effort needed. A glorified PC gimped with Android.

Well, we have talked about Digital Convergence before, and this could be interpreted as an inevitable step or perhaps even a step backwards. Its essentially a little PC that plugs into your TV, it'll run Android (i.e. Linux) and let you play Android games. Granted this gives you a new platform to play Android games, but is it even worth it? 99% of Android games cant even compare to iOS graphics and playability, and yet the ability to play iOS games on a TV or Desktop is just there, no hype, no random internet folks paying 5 million for it either.

Oh yeah and PCs thy plug into your TV they have an infinitely larger back catalogue and you know... fuck it you can emulate most generations too (or indeed, if you are that way inclined, play certain android games from within the chrome browser)

There needs to be more to get us excited about this "platform".

Love and Ounah, more like,

Richie X


  1. Pisspants09:47

    Agree that its not the next step in gaming, it's just a glorified browser with a gamepad.

    BUT low price and the announcement from xbmc that they'll be releasing an android port, means it'll be the perfect companion to your tv for those without (ex)NEXTGEN consoles.


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