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A wee while ago we talked about Windows 8, the new PC OS from Microsoft. Now Mr Steam-Valve himself has spoken out about it. Mr Newell doesn't seem to like it, calling it a "Catastrophe" and potentially pegging Linux as a new platform for steam. Frankly it seems he is just scared to back Microsoft on this one, you know the major player in PC operating systems...
Thatguys says: Windows 8 is not a bad platform, yes the schizophrenic nature of the metro interface and the desktop is a bit weird, and in the 10 months we have been using it we find ourselves ignoring the metro start-up screen and just going straight to the Desktop. "Why bother?" you say? Well, its faster straight up the loading time of windows is reduced immensely, and (we assume) the whole environment is more lightweight as games are actually faster and most importantly everything works. Windows 8 is essentially a faster, more stable (even in beta) version of Windows 7 so all those peripherals and programs work, and work slightly better, all within the same comfortable environment. I'm sure on release there will be an option to ignore Metro entirely leaving a better platform than Windows 7 with full back compatibility. Leave Metro to the Touch screen interfaces.
Mr Newell's reaction is probably based on his woes and worries about Digital Convergence, with so many new platforms and devices being able to "play" games. Most developers are paranoid about the next big platform, and so they should be, Steam themselves missed the boat and didnt get on iOS quick enough. However removing Desktop/Laptop devices from the equation, given their staple large niche is silly, it's too soon to be worrying about sensors projecting iPhones onto the back of your retina. The Desktops and Laptops are still producing more graphical and CPU power. And they likely will stay that way, and given that you are getting more raw power-per-pound, is likely to be more accessible to the masses for quite a few years to come.

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  1. I don't see how Valve is removing desktops/laptops from the equation by betting on Linux? I'm running Linux on my desktop right now, as most others that are using the system are. Are you referring to Android Linux?

  2. I was implying commercial Desktops/Laptops running Windoze, given that MS own the lager market on that.

  3. Ah well, I'm sure there's a fix for that ;) If Valve builds it, they will come.

    I for one wouldn't mind a bit more freedom on the general desktop. Systems are getting awfully locked in these days.

  4. It depends on your definition of freedom, sure Linux is free, but its also not for the feint of heart, aside from some of the distros using a marketplace, downloading files and such is restricted to "sudo getfile" command line, which is too imposing for casual end users. Most of the internet supports MS with many site offering applications and files to download for Windows which already makes a more accessible back-catalogue of applications and games, via other methods rather than steam, which to be honest you are not going to base a Desktop/Laptop system entirely around (then you lose that freedom again). I think I want to support Win8 because it is comfortable and familiar, because from what I have seen runs everything win7 can but faster. And despite the hating on the Metro interface (though people loved surface) I feel it is more accessible than Linux too.


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