The buttrapiest game of the month:

This month goes to...
Bug Village.

This mobile pile of buttrape is designed purely to part you with your money. Sure on the outside its all cutsey insects and big cartoon eyes, but underneath lies the soul sucking villainous heart of a corporate moneygrabber concept.

Just to clarify I played this on the Windows Phone. Windows phone has quite a few games on it and has the added bonus of being able to contribute to your gamerscore. Microsoft have released quite a few free games that do this too, simple crap like Minesweeper, Sudoku, but also some fun ones like Breeze. They are not all bad, but still suffer from just being mobile games.

Then about a Month ago another free one hit the marketplace; Bug Village by Glu. Glu have been around for years making shitty mobile games since the days of the nokia brick phones. But this new "free" addition to the Windows Phone games is just fucking terrible. At every turn it tries to get you to pay money, there is an in game currency of gold which you can buy with Microsoft points. it even positions these links to buy more coins at strategic points to make you accidentally click them. There is even tasks, which remain on the side of your screen which actually requires you to by purely aesthetic things, but you must pay for them. Buttrapey. AND to top it all off the game is technically pathetic, there are frequent graphical glitches blacking out the screen, and the Achievements are bugged, I for some reason got the "hit level 25" cheevo at level 20.

So in conclusion on the but rape scale of "Just the tip" to "Yawning Prolapse" this is a:

2 litre bottle of coke inserted lid first with the screw-cap precariously loose, after a good shaking up.

Love and smug post orgasmic buttrape bees,

Richie X


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