Battling with FFXIII before FFXIII-2

You know saying things are "like Marmite", is like Marmite you either love it or hate it. That's right there's no middle ground its black or white no shades of gray, no 6 out of 10's, its either 0 out of 10, or 10 out of 10! They are opposite ends of the spectrum, Violet and Red. missing out all the greens, blues, oranges and yellows in between.

And Squaresoft are apparently the same, their games are either "teh SuXXorZ" or "Epic wins". After a slew of Epic wins: VII, VIII, IX, X, everything just seemed to go wrong for them, they made a very girly sequel to FFX, an expensive niche MMO (for PC AND consoles), a single player MMO at the end of a consoles lifecycle, and then XIII finally! After nearly 10 years since FFX, Square made an actual RPG where you level up your dudes and you know chocobos and stuff. But something was wrong... there was grumblings in the internet there was horrible talk of a 30 hour training section, but still we fell in love with the characters before we played it, "Ah Lightning, you protagonist antihero type, going against Shinra your evil maniacal company", "And you crazy Afro-man with the chocobo in your hair, we love you already!". Then release. And we realise we have been given a game with ridiculous amounts of cutscenes and FMVs, a linear path and Transformers summons.

And XIII is now thrown on the binary marmite system pile of "teh SuXXorZ", because it simply was not an "Epic Win" and so therefore it must be its antithesis.

But I'm here to say it wasn't great, but it certainly didn't suck, yes the story was long-winded and a little bit bollocks (though no more so than the other ones) and the whole linear story thing was annoying. though you did get a bit of a sandpit of free reign for the meta-game where you run around doing the last missions and chocobo digging, and this is where you spent most of the game leveling up your dudes to max and getting those achievements. The summons were pointless weak, and really jarred with the FFXIII world. But the battle system was good, the game was really pretty, the mechanics of the meta-game were probably more fun than the game itself.

On a side note. remember FFX? It was widely loved with its LINEAR story, yeah that's right remember? FFX had no world map, or backtracking. You followed an almost linear road till metagame where you leveled your doods and killed a selection of enemies more powerful than the actual "final" boss character in the game. FFX was also riddled with Cutscenes, you couldn't go 5 meters down Mi'hen Highroad with out some pleb telling you about Yevon or how evil machines are, And of course Tidus preaching his "Wonder Years" type monologue at you. "I didnt know it then, but I would start my Chocobo anal love then and there.".

Yet these are the same complaints FFXIII got... Though i suppose you were kind of thrown in at the deep  end with the sphere grid leveling system.

So does FFXIII deserve to be in "teh SuXXorZ" pile for Training, odd summons and not having blitzball? Or if we are brutally honest, is it in "teh SuXXorZ" pile because it wasn't FFVII...

Love and an Analogy that is Analogous to itself (tee hee "anal"),

Richie X


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