How To Make Tesco A More Credible Games Retailer

Sarah Kaye, buying manager for Tesco airs her ideas here.

Our ideas although we don't get paid for them like Sarah does would be to hire someone who knows about games, I'm sure that £3 piece of shit PC games, DS shovelware and Carnival Games have a strong retail record but visiting the games section in supermarkets makes us want to bring in a pack lunch and spend the whole day fending people away from the bad games.
"You don't want to buy this game it's free on the internet". "I don't give a shit if Dora is an explorer or not go and play Shadow of the Colossus".
Our second tip is to try to keep the games aisle looking more like a nice sensible place to find games rather than looking like downtown Baghdad following an earthquake all the fucking time. One to four of the 'WTF Ten' are the same game. Someone's put music CDs in the DS section and the Xbox games are stocked in reverse alphabetical order by game subtitle. The wii section is nothing but peripherals but none of the games that require them. You know all that shit they teach you about in effective retailing school.

Having said that though supermarkets after often bastions of the highly-sought-after-excellent-older-game-that's-out-of-print-and-woefully-under-priced. We picked up a mint non-platinum copy of Lego Star Wars 2 for £2. So I hope they don't ruin that.


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