Dick and Shoes... 3 years later

Richie pointed me in the direction of this Wall Street Journal article (via a pretty piss poor editorial on the article at ripten).
Now we were all geared up for writing a rebuttal but actually we did that over three years ago.

Turns out that Kay Hymowitz has gone up in the world from turning trashy poorly researched diatribe on Dallasnews into a book called Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys. Sadly, she didn't really use the time for any rewrites or even to update the references. If she can't be bothered then neither can we so Kay if you are reading this here's our tops tips to you getting a clue:

1) Read Replay A History of Video Games by Tristan Donovan and you'll realise that your trendy mac which you use to google yourself on as is virtually every piece of software you use is a product of gaming. Surely the hypocrisy of you using these technologies to disseminate your moronic ideas isn't lost on you?

2) Three years ago we'd already won. Your touchstones and scapegoats are running a couple of generations behind it seems, including your own generation. But don't let these statistics get in the way of all those very convincing ones you've dug up.

3) Your rhetoric speaks volumes about your own awkwardness and social standing. The world no longer fits in with your misandry, sure it's romantic to be a Bridget Jones in your head but actually you're just adrift because the world no longer values you because you want to make a 1950s happy home and spend your free time contemplating dick and shoes. Sorry, just shoes. Unfair generalisations? Sure, but stop using the stereotypical gamer as shorthand crutch for your frustrations because you insult a lot of people far more intelligent and worldly than you and your chickumentary writing friends.


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