Finally it looks like Capcom are getting around to making the game we dreamed about waaaay back when just after our third visit to Raccoon and before that awful broken Outbreak business.

Still, it's a far cry from a GTA-Raccoon City that we imagined and since Outbreak the zombie game has been taken in all kinds of directions with Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 4 and 5 and Dead Rising. From the looks of the above trailer they've gone for a PC FPS kind of vibe which we here at TGAM find thrilling for three rounds. Part of what made RE2 and 3 and even Outbreak so great was the sense of the city (before descending into underground laboratory madness). RE4 and RE5 really lost the sense of a location that used to be a living and working settlement. RE4 takes you through nonsensical shooting gallery locations after the first village and it's best if you don't think about the quite dull or ridiculous locales of RE5. Where would you head in a crisis? The hospital? The Town Hall? The Police Station? A Museum? The tales of unlucky citizens as told through the files you find laying around and the dismembered bodies slumped against walls really made Resident Evil 2 and 3 compelling. The end of the trailer above hints at some narrative here's hoping it'll be more than just lip service to the dozen or so known survivors running around the city at the same time.

Our interest is piqued but hopefully this game will be more than senseless running and gunning in familiar terrain.

UPDATE. We know the video is big but it's only blocking the links. When was the last time you looked over there anyway.


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