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Is anyone else totally addicted to the diorama mode on Super Smash Brothers Brawl? YES! You too! Great here are some of my creations for people to use to add some spice to their fan fictions. I've given some title and synopsis hints but feel free to use your own okay? And don't say I don't ever give you anything disgusting fanfiction people.

Suggested Title: BigglypuffStar.
Synopsis: The galaxy is in a state of civil war. The Psychic Type Alliance has stolen plans to the Normal type empire's BigglypuffStar: a space station capable of annihilating a planet.

Suggested Title: High School Musical (Fire emblemxPokemon)
Synopsis: Marth and Lyn both have strong feelings for Wobbuffet even though they are all in the same band with Donkey Kong. Will Marth and Lyn manage to sort out their differences before the performance of the high school musical? Or will their fueding ruin the whole thing?

Suggested Title: 'Upskirt days'
Synopsis: Rumours are abound that Palutena is in fact a tranny. Jigglypuff and Solid Snake challenge each other to a competition! The first one to discover the truth about Palutena's trouser furniture is the winner!

Suggested title: Doctor, doctor, doctor, docter (Animal crossing self yaoi)
Synopsis:A terrible disease kills all other organisms except for Dr Shrunks. Charged with repopulating the Earth, the Doctors start about the grim business but then they realise that they may be doing the nasty for more than just repopulating the earth....

Suggested title: Another super smash twilight (Another codexzeldaxsuper smash brawl)
Synopsis:Drug addicted Ashley needs to pick up her benefits for her next fix but Bulbins and a boomer don't want her to die through drug addiction. Will Ashley have the strength to go cold turkey or will she die by her friends who would rather shoot her with a rocket launcher and stab her with swords rather than see her die a junky.

Suggested Title:Genocide of the Latiasss and the Latiosss
Synopsis:Pregnant Samus' latest mission is to wipe out all the Latiasseses and Latiosseses. She kills hundreds of them before she has to rethink her mission as she finds out who the real father of her unborn babies are!!

Suggested Title: 300 Nook edition (yaoi)
Synopsis: Over Tortimers narration, the life of young Timmy Nook is depicted. Cast into the wild to fend for his life per Raccoon doctrine, Timmy Nook survives the harsh winter and returns home to be crowned Store Owner.
Years later, messengers arrive at the gates of Nookingtons demanding its submission to Store Owner Tom Nook. Outraged and offended by their threats and behavior, Store Owner Timmy Nook and his guards kick the messengers into a well. Acknowledging the threat of Tom Nook's invasion force, he visits the Villagers proposing a strategy to repel the numerically superior enemy by using the terrain of the town gates, which would funnel the Tom Nooks into a narrow pass between Booker and Copper. The Villagers, wary of Timmy Nook' plans, consult Katrina, who in her trance decrees that Nookingtons must not go to war, lest they interrupt the sacred fishing tournament. As Timmy Nook departs a messenger from Tom Nook appears, rewarding the Villagers a mountain of gold in return for their covert support.
Despite Katrina's orders, Timmy Nook decides on a leisurely walk to the town gates, gathering 300 of his best soldiers to act as his personal bodyguards. Along the way, they are joined by a force consisting of Pascal and various other visitors before arriving at the town gates. In sight of the approaching Tom Nook army, they construct a wall to contain the Tom Nook’s' advance. Timmy Nook meanwhile encounters Crazy Redd, a hunchback who requests a private audience with the Store Owner. A severely disfigured child, his parents fled Nookingtons to spare him certain infanticide. Crazy Redd asks to redeem his father's name by joining Timmy Nook in battle against the Tom Nooks and warns him of a secret goat path the Tom Nooks could use to outflank and surround them. Timmy Nook is sympathetic to the eager warrior, but rejects him upon realizing that Crazy Redd cannot properly hold a shield, which would compromise the Raccoons' phalanx.
Prior to the battle the Tom Nook’s demand that the Raccoons drop their arms and surrender. Timmy Nook refuses and challenges the Tom Nook’s to come and take their weapons from them. With their tightly-knit phalanx formation, the Raccoons funnel the Tom Nook’s into the narrow terrain, repeatedly rebuffing them and inflicting heavy casualties. Tom Nook, impressed with Raccoon fighting skill, personally approaches Timmy Nook to persuade him to surrender. He promises Timmy Nook wealth and power in exchange for his loyalty. Timmy Nook declines, promising instead to make the "God Store Owner" bleed, and turns to rejoin his army. Dismayed at the refusal, Tom Nook dispatches the feared Blanca (his elite personal guard), whom the Raccoons draw into a trap and narrowly defeat. The battles continue, with the Raccoons prevailing over soldiers and animals drawn from the vast reaches of Tom Nook’s empire: from Black Horses and Chocolate Bunnies to Patchwork Bears, rhinoceroses and friendly elephants. After two days of fighting however, an embittered Crazy Redd defects to Tom Nook and reveals the location of the goat path.
In Nookingtons, Gracie attempts to enlist the influential to help persuade the Raccoon council to send reinforcements to Timmy Nook. Pelly agrees, but demands that Gracie submit sexually to him, to which she reluctantly consents. At the town gates, the Greeks realize Crazy Redd' treachery and the Pascal' retreat in the face of certain death. The Raccoons, obedient to their law, refuse to follow, and Timmy Nook orders a reluctant Tortimer to return and orate the story of the valiant 300 to ensure their memory. In Nookingtons, Gracie appeals to the council but is betrayed by Pelly, who publicly accuses her of adultery in an attempt to discredit her. Enraged by his betrayal, Gracie snatches a sword and kills Pelly, rupturing a bag of Tom Nook' gold in the folds of his robe and spilling it onto the ground. With this evidence, the Council denounces Pelly as a traitor and unites against Tom Nook.
At the town gates, as the Tom Nook’s surround the Raccoons, Tom Nook's general demands their surrender, declaring that Timmy Nook may keep his title as Store Owner of Nookingtons, answerable only to Tom Nook. Crazy Redd begs him to do so as well, to which Timmy Nook remarks "May you live forever," an insult from a culture valuing death and valor in battle. Timmy Nook drops his shield and removes his helmet, seemingly bowing in submission. Cornimer then leaps over him and kills the raccoon. A furious Tom Nook orders his troops to attack. As Tom Nook’s archers shoot the remaining Raccoons, Timmy Nook rises and hurls his spear at Tom Nook, ripping open his cheek (and missing a fatal blow by mere centimetres), thus Store Owner "the God-Store Owner bleed." Tom Nook, visibly disturbed by this reminder of his own mortality, watches as the remaining Raccoons perish beneath the combined might of his army.
Concluding his tale before an audience of attentive Raccoons, Tortimer declares that the 120,000-strong Tom Nook army that narrowly defeated 300 Raccoons now faces 10,000 Raccoons commanding 30,000 Raccoons. Praising Timmy Nook's sacrifice, Tortimer leads the assembled Villager army into a fierce charge against the Tom Nook army, igniting the Battle of Gaywood.
Okay losers. Get it done!


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