Christmas 2008

Aaaah, Christmas. A time to spend with your loved ones. I hope you all had a good Christmas. I did, I spent it with my friends and family. My real friends and family:

Looks like my party has been cancelled! AH HA HA HA HA HA. Get it? Anyone?

So looks like I moved into a nice neighbourhood. Unlike the last one which was all horrible and sexist and stuff.

Sure but don't use gloves this time. I want to feel it.

More game franchises from Nintendo should thank me for buying installments of what is essentially the same game over and over again.

I, like Scoot, from this point on, will precede statements of trivial matters with obscenities. When they arrest me I can say a game made me do it.

Sweet. Upskirt.

If I said 'not really' could I stop?

Everyone was thinking it but only Twiggy has the balloons to say it.

Another murder in GayWood. When will the mayor act I ask?

Yes you will you crazy purple bird.

Oh man. This is worse than Baabaragate.

So. Gotta catch them all. Again. Again.

So. Gotta pay it off again again again again again again again.

It's the countdown to sexy time.

On second thoughts, let's not go to the city. It is a silly place.

Yes. Drawing the Umbrella logo with a Wiimote got so tiresome that I did an interpretation. The carpet is also and orginal design in the "jigglypuff" range.

Unlike the real world residents of my town, Scoot wished me happy new year: a)Without a can of Stella in his hand b)Without puke on his shirt c)Without standing in the middle of the road pissing d)Without trying to fight me/kiss me at the same time e)In a language that resembles 'English' and not 'cunt'.

Spot the odd one out. Hint: The one on the right is the only woman.

Don't you mean "us"? Self racist.

Quickest cyber rape ever.

So there we have it. There's my Christmas holiday in pictures. Believe it or not, this is the edited highlights the other 54 photos were not suitable to post.


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