RETROspect: Predictions of a SoulCalibur kind is old, we have been doing this shit, and "getting too old for this shit" for an excessive amount of time. Our site has gone through a plethora of iterations all wonderfully designed in by our expert in-house team. Half of our old links don't work/exist any more, our SEO is duct-taped together in separate timelines, but on the upside we did close down our Myspace account... right?

We rewind time to see how painfully cringe we once were. We go through our archives to find out how right or wrong we were, and wince at the non-woke-ness of the of our past selves.

In today's RETROspect we look back at a classic Richie Post: Soul Calibur Wankery

In this post I get all excited about SoulCalibur IV, mainly I get all fanboy geeky about the addition of Darth Vader and Yoda. And on top of that in a predictable Richie response, conscript Cunzy1_1 and we made a list out all of our favourite fantasy additions to the roster:

  • Zoro (One Piece) 
  • Anyone from Final Fantasy with a sword
  • Master Chief
  • Link/Spawn/Heihatchi
  • Altaïr
  • Pyramid Head
  • Dante
  • Scyther (sic)
  • The Companion Cube
Yeah from that list you can see how archaic this geeky head-canon is! That being said we were bang on the money for Assassins creed man/woman who made his debut in SoulCalibur V! Similarly Halo type Spartan people turned themselves out for the jiggle-fest of Dead or Alive 4. Cloud for Smash bros. And lastly but obviously Dante for Marvel vs Capcom 3.

The rest well, let's just say they were Cunzers contributions shall we?

Love and over 11 Years ago!
Richie X


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