Back to Life, Back to Neptunia

Soul II Soul aside, and hereby referencing my age, making the following post just that touch more creepy...

After a solid few weeks of following the Capcom hype-train and completing RE2:Remake and DMCV, I am maintaining a transport metaphor and like a midwestern early 20th century hobo I'm grabbing my belongings in a handkerchief suspended in a stick over my shoulder and jumpin’ carts, scuttling back over to the Nep-train with a jug of moonshine.

I needed a change of pace, too much panicking, getting bitten and quick action Super Sexy Stylin’ button mashing. I found myself pining for turn-based JRPG,  where not exactly the most thrill chasing of genres, ultimately just some menus which make flashy wooshes and sound effects interspersed with some plot advancing text. I miss the grandeur of Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and um… More recently… um? I dunno, I guess that Miitopia one? And maybe Pokemon?  Most turn-based JRPGs nowadays are linked to  massive overwhelming canon series that are too daunting to even know where to begin on,  AKA Shin-Megami-Etrian-Fire-Emblem-Dragon-Persona XVII: Revival Origins EX+

But there is one such series which has a special place in my heart, The Neptunia Series! A few years back I played through the Remakes on  the PS Vita proving to be a great pick up and put down game for my then commute. I’m not going to get into the history of the games, (check the previous linky), I started with the Re;makes because they were the first ones available to us silly westerners. After ploughing through the main plot of all three of them and then a couple of the spin offs. I started on Megadimension Neptunia: VII which is pronounced Vee-two and is actually the fourth in the canon series, and a direct sequel to Hyperdimension Neptunia:Victory (Hence Vee-two )  which was remade as Re;Birth 3…Phew. And despite all this crazy naming, you kinna know its all on purpose, for if you don’t take anything else away from this, or you don’t know anything more about the Neptunia series, is they are super self-referential, they hang lamps on trope references… think Deadpool if he was a purple haired anime girl.
Take this exchange:

Initially I started VII quite a while ago, <INTENSELY BORING BIT> but thanks to a bug with older PCs and certain graphics cards I could not proceed past the first cutscene. I recently again picked it up and as it turn out that bug was fixed, woop! <END: INTENSELY BORING BIT BIT (objectively)> Throwing myself back into the Neptunia world for nearly 10 hours now and I have completed a tutorial, the second dungeon and most excitingly the new format boss battles which allow you to use turns to additionally bounce about on floating platforms and attack a giant monster. But oh man, its hard. With great power JRPGS, comes great responsibility loads of grinding. Even the first dungeons, ramp up the Difficulty within them pretty solidly, I found myself actually having to purchase and use consumables, which… I mean… yeah, I get it, its what it is there for! But my poor item hording instincts have been set to red alert, how do I sleep at night knowing I might not have 30/30 “healing grass”!

Now with the recent announcement of the Super Neptunia RPG and the even more recent announcement Neptunia Shooter… can I beast through this instalment before May 31! 

Love and Vert is best Waifu
Richie X


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