Post-Halloween Halloween post

Every year as summer sings its swan song, the plants are subjected to a little bit more frost each day and their tissues burst and decay as they turn brown and mulchy, and we like to celebrate by watching films depicting topless teens getting hacked into little pieces.

Alternatively for the past few years I have made an effort to try and play horror/Halloween style games.

A couple of years ago I played through the Old Ghostbusters game, that one where they had all the original cast and the game itself is basically Ghostbusters 3? You know that one right? Cuz if you don't and you are a fan of the original Ghostbusters movies you should totally play it! Its so properly done its amazing that it's not in a hall of fame! It has plenty of call back to the films in the form of collectibles like, Vigo's painting!

And most other years I do a playthrough of Ghostmaster. Which honestly I am surprised I have not talked at length about on TGAM. Ghostmaster is from 15 years ago (for scale, that is before Smartphones were a thing) it was the sims, except instead of all that tedious character creation and building houses and going to jobs, you collected ghosts and scared the crap out of people! Its old and some of the GFX are dated but it stands the test of time as a unique little gem. (shout out to anyone wanting to make a remake on the mobile!)

This year however I decided to delve in to the depth of my Steam Catalogue to find if I had anything different (mainly because I launched Ghostmaster and had some screen set up issues and couldn't be arsed finding the txt file with the resolutions settings. Yay PC gaming). I found "Layers of Fear" one of these ones I had got free from Humble Bundle or the like. And it was great. The game places you in a house and you have no concept of what is happening, you wander about but the only thing you seem to be able to do is open doors/cupboards/drawers.

Now I will stop us here with a disclaimer, depending on how scared you are by these games, one could argue that this game is a "Door opening simulator", this may or may not float your boat. As you wander through the house and collect items things get stranger, the layout of the house completely shifts, you are surrounded by "jump-scares" its shifts between varying degrees of decay. All great horror trope stuff. the object of the game is to collect items that will contribute to your painting which you return to six times and it develops as you perform certain actions in the game.

Its very short but "pretty", fun, scary and good. Definitely got my monies worth.

Love and camp crystal lake machete appreciation society,

Richie X


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