MegaNeptunia Series vs Overload-dimension: Part 2


Following on from my other post about how there are far too many Neptune Series games in my life. Today we have: 

This one exists to dominate my mobile gaming gaming urges, on the Vita. Yup while everyone is playing with their Switch's on their commutes. I'm happy to just sit down in a train full of passengers, pull it out and start playing with it...

...Anyways, yeah this one is a weird one and it took me a while a while to get my head around its premise...

Right so you are aware that (more or less) the goddesses are anthropomorphised (albeit as Anime girls) representations of the console wars:

Left to Right: Blanc (Nintendo), Neptune (Sega), Vert (Xbox), Noire (Sony)

In superdimension they have also included a crossover with the "Sega Hard Girls" which, to make things more confusing, are representations of all Sega Hardware (geddit? Hardware/Hardgirls)
Left to Right: Dreamcast, Saturn, Mega Drive, Game Gear

Confusing because some fan theories actually place the Goddesses as particular systems too rather then generic brands of Sony/Sega etc, (eg, Blanc as the SNES, with her 2 younger sister Rom & Ram as the DS). The Sega Hard Girls get super geeky, including personifications of loads of the Sega Hardware like Mega CD, Super 32X and even an American version of "Mega Drive": Genesis.

Ok so, have you got your head round this so far? Two separate franchises of anthropomorphised gaming related concepts coming together in this game

Now to the plot... Which places Iffy (the anthropomorphised version of the developer of this game: Idea Factory) racing through time on a bike, which is also now Neptune (The protagonist shoe horns herself in to the main plot). As you visit each time periods the Godesses/Hard girls disappear, and using the self-referenced plot hole mechanic, you can just battle with their clones.


Well done if you have kept up with that, the rest of the game is the standard fayre RPG mechanics, but on top of recycling their assets from the previous Hyperdimension games, they have also included the Sega Hard Girls.

In Conclusion...




Love and Switches or Switch's?,

Richie X


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