MegaNeptunia Series vs Overload-dimension: Part 1

We have previously discussed that the world needs more Neptunia!

But right now I am inundated with megadimensions, hyperdimensions and the like… I am concurrently playing 3 different Neptunia genre games, the first of which:

Neptunia spin off, rather contentiously replacing Nep as the protagonist and putting the Fan favourite Tsundere, Noire as the main attraction. Not a conventional Nep RPG game, this one has stepped into the foray as a Tactical turn-based strategy RPG, And redesigning all the characters as Chibi versions of themselves.

And Just for your reference is a little before and after:
Noire normal model: posing and shooting from Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 posing from the reloaded first dungeon, featuring pink ribbons in her hair with a Giant Dogoo in the background. 

Noire Chibi model: seen performing special Move on Neptune here, beautiful metaphor for Noire smashing in here as the "Protagonist"

The game takes a weird angle (weird is relative here, as we are talking about a game about the personification of the console wars as anime girls) which actually places you in a role, as Noire's secretary. Its nice to actually get some fucking recognition to be honest, after 3 long "Re;Birth" games.

The games like its predecessors is split into 50/50 visual novel story and actual gameplay (with a smattering of RPG customisation), the game itself progresses very slowly, the battles do get a learning curve, as with most Hyper-whatever-mension games, many of the techniques and skills don't really get explained, its more a case of trail and error and exploring menus to see what one does. 

In conclusiuon 


Love and somebody found the steam screenshot key (F12),

Richie X


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