Nintendo have invaded my F2P market...

Almost all of us play mobile games, as a time-waster (or avoiding eye contact) waiting on or in public transport. I tend to have a few on the go at one time, I recently "Finished" the Family guy: quest for stuff game, which is wholeheartedly one of the most shallow city-building/farm building games out there. I have not spent a penny on that, it wouldn't even be satisfying to spend a penny on that either. Another gem I have been plugging away at for the past few months is Evoker which is an oddity you set 5 cards which have different attributes and abilities. You level up cards, through solo play which uses and energy mechanic, or PvP which uses a second energy mechanic. Essentially you can only play for roughly 3-4 mins before you are locked out for about 2 hours (more at higher levels). But that was fun collecting the "team" you wanted to face off your opponent with... etc. BUT Its suffers as a Pay2win title, if you spend money on it you, and I suppose this counts in some small credit to them, get random chance at the overpowered Legendary cards. Fun but very slow.
And of course there is Hearthstone... A brilliant example of what "F2P" should be where you genuinely want to play for the experience. I'm a year in to that one and still enjoying it.

However as many of you know Nintendo have decided to grab the ass of the F2P market and see what kind of a reaction they get. They did so initially with Pokemon shuffle, which we initially spread our legs for, but now... I dont know, it's just not working, we were good together, we had some good times, but something is just missing. So we had to split up, like passing ships in the night.
At least that is what we tell Pokemon Shuffle! The truth is there was another F2P game out there, it was younger more fun, and it did things that Shuffle just wouldn't do: Pokemon Rumble World.

Oh man Rumble World! Its great it's essentially a mini-Diablo clone, where the epic lewts that drop are actual characters that you use. They have rares and randoms, they have a collection system, you can dress your mii up, you can spot-pass, and street-pass folk, You even get legendaries. And it all sparkles and lights up like the glorified gambling game it is.

It has become quite life consuming, my 3DS has replaced my phone as my main tool for time-wasting on the tube, the level of enjoyment from this little title is insane, and has quickly pushed any other handheld games to one side. Anyways it's "Free" go get it. I'm Sure Cunzy has a poem or something he wants to share with you about Pokemon Rumble world...

Love and EUPHEMISMS are meant to be subtle Richie,

Richie X


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