Dragon Age: Inquisition a TGAM Review

Well... Dragon Age. What an immensely huge, I mean really massive game. And honestly I'm 70 hours into it and I think I have barely scratched the surface! It a fantastic way to lose several hundred hours of your life.

The sweetness of this come from pretty much just giving the player what they want... a novel approach. The game merges the greatest things from western RPGs: Such as Skyrim, WoW and of course the previous 2 Dragon age games (with plenty of fan service to those who have played them).

The exploration alone in this game is just fantastic, akin to Skyrim with little hidden quests for those who are willing to take that little extra time to look for them. The difference with this dragon age is the multiple sandbox areas, which are brilliant and feel unique This is what reminded me of WoW*, with all of its varied zones and questing through them with the odd dungeon to enter really hit that home.

And there is all the wonderful other bioware greatness in there. You have the deep character interaction, you have dicking about with skill trees, you have the genuine fear about a character choice, that causes you to look up a dragon age Wiki page just to ensure that it isn't going to case you to offend or worse, lose a character.

If I had to make a complaint about this game, aside from it taking a chunk out of my life, though I assure you I am willingly giving it over, It would be the inventory system. I think after 70 hours I'm starting to get an idea of how it works. It is very overly complicated and pressing the "B" button just seems to fuck everything up. Wonderful gems like:  Are you sure you want to cancel this action: YES, NO , CANCEL. Wait... what the fuck am I pressing? Double negatives man... The loot is pretty shit too. You get tiered lot of common, rare, epic and crafted. And you seen start to stop being excited about looting a box as it wil just contain some entirely un-viable item, which just needs to be sold later.

But yeah other than that, Dragon Age: its fucking awesome. I... I think I L-word it...

Love and several hours in the character creation part, knowing full well: YOU... WILL... BE.... BACK...

Richie X

*You know I feel like I said this several years ago, but a one player WoW would really work, especially in this format. I think questing in those zones, in that kind of dragon age format... It would be amazing, Add and extra interaction layer and you have it n the bag. Maybe one day...


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