Get Your Smashies on

So we finally fucking did it.

We got ourselves a "Next-Gen" console. The Wii U. Wait what do you mean it's not a next-gen console? It's actually less powerful than the Xbox 360, never mind the Xbox one? Well whatever, SMASH BROS BITCHES!!!

Oh here have some fucking screenshots:
There's me Dual fucking wielding, as you should be able to do in any real sequel. 

Dual wield goggle bitch pikachu. 

Cunzy and I chilling out on Mario Galaxy world.

Cunzy and Togepi about to fuck up shit.

Yeah take that, fucking lvl 50 amiibo Peach! 

Cunzy checks out Wii fit girls butt... Alone time required.

Yeah So Smash Bros, makes a WiiU worth it.

Love and Sticky Bombs,

Richie X


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