One Piece: Romance Dream

Yeah Sorry we are talking about yet another 3DS game, we promise we will talk about some real games soon... Probably.

After Xmas I was bored, I was bored of waiting for Pokemon Bank. And I just kept going in and out of the shop over and over. I had some funds left over and decided to give One Piece: Romance Dream a punt. One Piece is one of those very accessible anime Series, though with over 600 episodes is daunting to anyone outside the circle. I like it. But there has never really been a good or accessible tie-in game, similar Anime's such as Dragon ball, Naruto and Bleach get churned out titles all the while.

But yeah anyway, One piece game on the 3DS, it follows the plot, uses all the revamped TV episodes. And in between the footage, you have most likely seen, you have the crew running in tunnels, looking for boxes and trying to avoid long winded turn-based battles. If it did not have the One Piece licence... This game would not deserve a second glance. That being said it does have the licence and they do the characters justice with a lot of attention to the character animations. I find myself coming back to this game purely to see how the characters were animated. I'm playing the game to see the next special move... Is that a viable dragon to chase? Is there any other games out there in teh past where you thought, I'll get through this mediocrity to see Character X's throwing move, or just to get to the next level to unlock, Limit break 3? Is this a viable reason to play any game!?

I guess - 5/10

Love an Viability,

Richie X


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