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We are constantly getting asked for fashion advice here at TGAM. To save us from constantly handing out geek fashion tips on a person by person basis like a budget Gok Wan we've decided to give you a run down of the hottest threads right here on the blog. Generous to a fault. Of course, aside from those whacky cosplayers, your standard geekware is T-shirt and jeans. Badges (that's pins to our Yankee cousins) are sometimes acceptable too. Here's our 2014 collection for your eyes only. 

Fossil Warhol. A montage of the original 9 evolved fossil Pokemon. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot that these are the shiny forms. Of course Nintendo have now made this print vintage by adding two new fossil Pokemon in X and Y so expect the price of these to sky rocket. This one's a Richie original design. You can buy it on REDBUBBLE right here

Understated, simple, toxic. Get it here

Another Richie original. Of course, if your handle isn't Cunzy1 1 and you aren't obsessed with Omastar then it may not be the right look for you. Check with your personal stylist before buying.

This Tee we got from Camden Market. According to the stall owners they're all original designs. We're not too sure about that but one thing we will say is that this T-shirt will definitely get you some knowing nods, some winks and maybe more...

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet now two sets of interests, overlapped will ever be niche enough again. This one's an essential for the Jurassic Park/Pokemon fan. Sadly out of print now. There's a bunch of alt JP/Pokemon designs out there but this one's our favourite. 

Another Camden 'Town original'. For that retro look because it doesn't have a Wii-U or a 3DS on it see?

So we think you've got enough ammunition to give your wardrobe that well needed refresh. Remember darlings your body is art. No need to thank us for the loving you'll get just make sure you whisper "That guy's a maniac" into the ear of your loved one at the critical moment. That's all we want. That's all we've ever wanted. 


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