E3 Balls

So it's E3 again. Already. Everyone gets way too excited, few let important things such as facts get in their way. We're going to be extending all of our tendrils during E3 and we'll keep updating this post when thoughts occur in our brains.

  • Errr steady on MCV, this year's isn't even over yet and they're starting coverage about the next one. Hmm.
  • More Wii U speculation. This time it's Mass Effect. Possibly. So that's yet another AAA game that's already on the HD platforms that may appear on the Wii U. Forgive us for not wetting our pants yet.
  • There's a Painkiller sequel. To go with the four ports and 200 expansions. CARE FACTOR = 0
  • Crysis 3Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Will this one even turn a profit? No. No of course it won't.
  • We just can't hide our surprise. Sony, the makers of PlayStation. Are making an accessory that turns the PlayStation Move into a steering wheel well into a hang glider thing! Wow! If only I could be bothered to dig through the forums to find the Sonyponies pissing their pants over the Wii wheel six years ago. SIX.
  • Big Vita news from the Sony conference: you can now play all those PSOne games you already own for the PSOne and for the PSP on the Vita now. Probably if you buy them again. 
  • EDGE's coverage of the Sony conference is well worth a read. It captures our general disdain and sense of underwhelment from the whole thing. Piss all for the Vita, when it needed to be blown out of the water and well, where are all the games?
  • MS's conference didn't exactly whelm us either. Halo, Gears, Madden, Ass Creed and CoD. Most people's existing Xbox 360 shelves then. Good work guys. Good work. Market leader right there. 
  • RPS's John Walker says some wise words about E3. Although he neglects to mention that the PCification of consoles is making them shit and the consolification of PC games holds them back. 
  • Beyond:Two Souls from Quantic Dream. Meh is the best we can muster.  
  • There's a new trailer for DmC. We're huge fans of the first three (four was alright). Still not too sure if we're happy with the character reset. Dante was always cocky but not necessarily a cock. Oh well Ninja Theory know how to handle an IP create mediocre games that sink at retail.
  • A new Resident Evil 6 trailer. Please make it split screen co-op, please make it split screen co-op. Ut-oh vehicle sections?
  • Not even properly announced yet and already the Wii-U has another fucking controller for the mountain of Nintendo Crap.
  • Do I really want social networking in my New Super Mario Bros? No. No I don't.
  • Wii-U Batman now with all that console exclusive shit like with the other consoles. Fucking great.
  • Scribblenauts will get a reimagining so now it's Little Big Scribblenauts. You know, abandoning the core concept at the heart of the game. Good then.
  • Wii Fit U and Sing. Fair do's keep the non gamer happy but not in my conference hey? 
  • Wow. Nothing new on the 3DS front. Actually, nothing. This is bad.
  • Lego City on the Wii-U. Yes, okay but why isn't everything made of LEGO? Completely misses the point of LEGO. GTA with a few studdy bits on. 
  • Nintendo's conference in general was poor. A mario game, a mario game, a mario game, Wii Fit again again, Dance dance again again and umm Nintendoland. I'm still none the wiser about how the Wii U is going to be something I would buy. Weirdly, Ubisoft's ZombiU was the best game. Sad. I'm not on the edge of my seat waiting for this to come out at Christmas. I'm hoping they're going to hold it back until they come up with something that's going to shift the console. 


  1. Quadbee 8805:15

    I was very disappointed with E3,i don't know what sony are doing??? I can remember the days Playstations blows you away with different games that were playstation only amazing racing and the 4 player co-op but just nothing exciting anymore.... can't say much about X box apart from there same games, can't wait for future Kinect i thiink that is the future for sure. The only thing i loved was Resident Evil 6... amazing.


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