Coming Soon:

Content. That's right kiddywinks, from the same team that brought you all of this, expect to see some content just above here sometime soon. 

Every year, without fail we fail to celebrate the passing of another year of TGAM. Well we've got 10 more days to remember to do something. Will we remember to celebrate a whole six years of gaming related drivel? Or will we, as is tradition, just stop blogging for that whole week? OH, IT'S SO EXCITING and the only way you can find out what happens in this exclusive, nay, WORLD exclusive event is to just stay on this page F5ing. Well not this specific page but the main home page Unless you are already on the main page, in which case carry on.

Mac users can join in the fun too by stroking their iComputer every ten seconds I think that's how it works. The countdown begins here:

Richie can you insert a countdown thingy here by Monday? Thanks. Oh and if you don't get around to it can you make sure this post doesn't just automatically post as scheduled showing this text?


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