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We check in with the Wii's Nintendo Channel because, well you won't bother to do it on your own. Here's some of the new content that is up since last time.

  • Finally! It seems like someone out there has been reading our weekly-ish gripes about Nintendo's poorly used Nintendo Channel and they've only gone and posted the entirety of Satoru Iwata's Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation. This is what we want. No gimmicks. No bullshit round the bush hype just straight up Nintendo news from Nintendo itself. Sure, there's a whole bunch of "Details not confirmed for Europe" disclaimers but I'd rather that than having to wait for the video game blogosphere to give us the news once they've added their sneery commentary or worse have to sit through the NoA Nintendo Direct presentations. More of this please Ninty and if you don't have a Wii you can watch the presentation here!
  • The Last Story continues to receive some love from the Nintendo Channel with yet another interview. Hopefully it will sell well despite the UK's biggest game retailer not stocking it...
  • Nintendo also seems to be keen to push Dillon's Rolling Western for the 3DS and there's a trailer up on the Nintendo Channel. It does look like an interesting twist on the Tower Defence Genre but we're not sure why this game is getting pushed quite so hard.
  • There's also a new Pokepark 2 trailer up. Despite being self confessed Pokemaniacs the Pokepark games look firmly family orientated. PP2 has been receiving average but "young kids will love it" reviews although I have to say the trailer does make the game look quite exciting.
  • There's four Weekly Download trailers up (when was the last time we wrote one of these?) showcasing the latest digital downloads available through Wiiware, DSiWare and Virtual Console. As ever the selection is a real mixed bag. Highlights are Fun!Fun!Minigolf TOUCH!, Mega Man X and Strider. Lowlights are 1001 BlockBusters, Aahhh! Spot the Difference, of course Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 5 and yet another Poker game. 
  • SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle looks like an inoffensive 3DS game, you control an Aztec guardian (oddly shaped like Tetrominoes pieces) that hurtle towards walls with convenient Tetromino shaped holes in them. We've seen this concept from Nintendo before however, most recently in Wii Motion Play.
  • As the last of the Operation Rainfall games to come out in the UK, Pandora's Tower has two trailers up. Pandora's Tower always looked to us like the weakest game of the stable and unfortunately from the review we've read so far this seems to be the case. Still it looks passable in the two demos so give 'em a butchers.
  • Bizarrely, the Kirby TV Channel is back again. Check it out if you missed last year's very slow roll out of every episode of a poor quality TV series based on Kirby on your Nintendo Wii for free.
  • There's a trailer up for 3DS Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure. Originally we wrote it off as yet another DS game that looks like Layton but plays like balls. Actually the trailer's convinced me to check it out- it looks like it takes inspiration from Elite Beat Agents and Warioware to create a fun rhythm game adventure. 
  • Elsewhere on your Wii whilst you've got it on there's a new Wiiware demo for Anima: Ark of Sinners. If you are too young to remember Net Yaroze demo discs then I suggest you download Anima to appreciate just how awful most Net Yaroze games were back in the day.
  • As ever there's a "new" live Mario Kart Wii competition- a gate based time trial on DK's Snowboard Cross.
  • The Mii Contest Channel continues to tick over, check in to submit a umm Beowulf themed Mii and check out the latest contest results and vote on live contests. In particular examine the racist stereotypes of people who make pizzas and see the difficulty that the Mii creating community seems to have fitting the theme "Someone who just graduated (from school)". Also for a laugh, check out the imagination that went into the creation of Miis and the contest voting for the theme "Someone who helps a Princess". It is truly astounding.
  • Lastly, in what has turned out to be a mega update, don't forget to see the results on the Everybody Votes Channel to discover what Scottish people seem to be more realistic about than the rest of the UK, how where you leave can affect what you are afraid of and the South American country that is the most altruistic country in the whole world. 


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