Second Hand Sales Are Killing The Games Industry

Report just in from our very occassional reporter on the Street. Chuff_72.

I swear this just happened, no exaggeration.

In Game, Central London:

C72 - Hi, I'm looking for a copy of Monster Hunter Tri?
Man1 - *Blank look"
C72 - It's on the Wii.
Man1 - The Wii?
C - Yeah
M1 - Have you looked in the Wii section?
C- Yeah, couldn't see it
M1 - Sorry what was it called
C - Monster Hunter Tri
M1 - Monster Hunter Trial?
C - Tri, T, R, I
M1 - Right, I'll have a look
C - *Waits for a few minutes*
M1 - Sorry can't find it… What was it called again?
C - Monster Hunter Tri?
M1 - *To Man2* Ever heard of The Monster Trial?
M2 - Monster Hunter?
M1 - Trial
M2 - No. Have you have a word with Steve?
M1 - *Bearing in mind they are standing next to me!* No. Turns to me, yeah we can't find it.

Holy. Sh*t. I know we have this all the time but come on dude! At least get the f*cking name right and don't then ask a guy about it in front of me and essentially lie about whether you can find it! I should have asked Steve I guess.

Remember Game Publishers this was one of this year's massive games supported heavily by the platform makers. It's only six months old. Not Capcom? Not supported by Nintendo? You've got no fucking chance on the high street. Every time we hear about how pre-owned sales are killing the industry let's just think about how people can't get your games in the first instance yar?


  1. rob_is_gay15:29

    Can you send this to some industry leaders?
    Also did anyone from TGAM go to the games expo? I want undercover on the ground reporting.


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