Saboteur Review: Kotaku are Racist badmen

As many of you are aware "The Saboteur" came out today. Its a little 3rd person romp through Nazi occupied France, you play an Irishman being a pest to everything Nazi-esque. It's being praised as gritty, dark and atmospheric, but castrated with moderate gameplay. It's a bit of a faux pas releasing anything even slightly 3rd person-y with Assassins Creed 2 still going hot from the shelves, especially one which looks and feels like Altaïr in Nazi France. Negativity aside its a better experience than it is a game. But lastly and most importantly the game has boobs. That's right tits, titties, mammaries, breasticles, jugs, melons, jumper puppies .

Because the game is set in France it has, of course, got the lumpenproletariat, bohemian, mid-war desperation. And what better to illustrate that than Burlesque shows and Gambling!

Where there are people trying to make money there are always boobs:

Cant see them?

Now you don't need to even play the game!

But yeah, bewbies aside. You'll notice I referred to Kotaku as "Racist Badmen" this is their comment on the "Feckin' hard" difficulty" setting:

"The Saboteur might be in France, but its maximum-strength difficulty is all Irish, reflecting the nationality of its protagonist. Although - help me out here, United Kingdomians, I thought "fookin'" would be the onomatopoeic for the Emerald Isle's f-word adjectival."

It sparked off quite a few angry remarks from the commenters to the (excuse the vernacular) Kotakuians*, and quite rightly!

1. Ireland is NOT in the United Kingdom.
2. They clearly ignorant as to the onomatopoeic sound (otherwise referred to as "accent") of the Irish.
3. You know at least one of them will claim to be Irish or Scotch despite being born in America.
4. I pity anyone who has not seen Father Ted.
5. They could have just fucking/fecking looked it up! Is Google/Wikipedia not available in the colonies?

*Pronounced "Coynte"

Expect nothing less,

Richie XXX


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