Pop Quiz: Umbrella Chronicles Edition.

You are inappropriately dressed and have been shot and fallen down a fuck off huge long ass metal shaft, probably bumped down the sides a bit and landed on a cold hard metal floor and then had to carry around a Rocket Launcher to throw to your "boyfriend". Racked with pain, alive against all the odds and probably going to die. What would you do next?

a) Phone an ambulance ASAP. My bones are broken. The pain, the pain how am I not dead.
b) Just lay there and hope to bleed out sooner rather than later.
c) As above with crying.
d) Put some bandages on my horribly broken limbs and then limp slightly.


The correct answer was d) just put some bandages on and get on with it and SPOILERS kill a whole bunch of hunters, dogs, zombies, lickers and a weird stone Tyrant thing.

If you answered a), b) or c) then you aren't cut out for the worst spy ever industry I am afraid. Try your luck at retail management or maybe customer service?


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