Top ten genicon gaming characters.

It's Monday okay! Much easier to bash out a dirty top ten than it is to do any actual thinking. Here are our top ten characters to get you 'there' if your current humpee ain't doing it no more.

1) Q Bert
2) Merchant from RE4
3) Zangief
4) Lickitung
5) Ms Pac Man
6) Aeris (dead).
7) Zelda as Sheik.
8) That tranny from Neir.
9) The gorilla dude, above, from Alex Kidd when he loses a game of paper, scissors, stone (and also his undies)
10) Murdered maidens in Tenchu.

All of these are tried and tested winners according to our girlfriend.


  1. Rob_is_gay18:00

    One of my ex-girl friends has named her hid Aeris
    No cunzy not that one, another one

  2. Richie23:25

    Is it yours?

  3. Rob_is_gay13:50


    No, that's why i said the 'other one'.

    Since the last comment, i have found out that she's literally named after Aeris. Which i think is in bad form - naming your child after someone who dies young, your asking for trouble. You'll perminantly be on the look out for guys with white hair and trench coats holding swords.

    The mum has been searching for Aeris memorbila, anyone know where to find it?


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