Omastar Comics #23

Today marks the return of the internationally adored fictional cephalopod, Omastar. Originally, Breloom was to star in her own comic. Breloom Comics? Would have never worked.

This week Omastar is annoyed by giving away all the best secrets and getting none in return. Always the last to know. God. Just, just why do I even bother?

The monologue in panel 3 was used in scene 2 of the popular film version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Did I see a penny of royalties? Did I f.....

In other gaming news:

It is the onset of the summer drought so stack up on sun cream and go outside for a bit yar?
It's Buddha burning time in England! I really want to see them flames people.
Eidos, we'd be happy to give your new game 95/100, just send us a signed copy of the game to
We read Brian Ashcraft's book! Much like our personal hero, the book was impersonal and missed the point but we forgive it because of its lovely flowing locks [hair]!

Next week we're going to Capcom HQ to play Dead Rising 2 and Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles. Expect a full preview with pictures right here. You just don't get this kind of service on other websites.


  1. pisspants13:27

    enough bitching Omastar, HTFU already.

  2. rob_is_gay15:47

    another great comic
    i don't know where you get your ideas from


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