Blinky bill and Breathy Bob

Call us turn around kings if you will but news of Shadow of Memories coming to the PSP has changed our hearts and our minds.

We loved the 2001 original. It was brilliant. Perhaps third greatest game of all time. We still finished it with a bunch of weird objects left over but travelling through time in the sleepy streets blew our minds at the time*.

*That and some special biscuits.


  1. I love the way all the comments are between themselves.

  2. Anonymous17:54


  3. *ahem*

    Recipe please.

  4. Well, from what I remember it was your basic cookie dough and way way too much of the good stuff.

    So much that the student hall kitchen smelled of hash for a year.
    So much that just smelling the cookies made you giggly.
    So much that it tasted so horrible and rancid and burned the back of your throat.
    So much that after a half an hour you are laying on the floor laughing with tears streaming down your face just because moving the analog stick, moves the guy on screen.
    So much that an hour afterwards you find yourself crouched under a desk convinced you are going to die and refusing to go outside.

    Then simply cut them into dinosaur shapes and enjoy!


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