Wii Play Tanks! has been doing my head in, I just want a gold medal but keep dying god it is so annoying I just want to beat it but can't.

Shit. Did it again.


  1. dr wo21:54

    As opposed to most prior Capcom beat-em-ups, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs has pretty decent character specific movesets. Each character has specials, multiple dashing moves (including the ability to dash left and right), aerial attacks, and more combos than most of its predecessors.

  2. Except it is clear that Lesothosaurus is basically the Dhalsim character from Street Fighter with a green head. Which was pretty cheap by Capcom. He still says "Yoga flame" too but the manual tries to claim he says "Elliot Formation flame".

  3. Rob_is_gay14:16

    I can't play the tank game, it makes the room spin and then my head hurts.


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