So that's that then we now know what games to expect (or not expect) under the Xmas tree this year.

Mario Galaxy
Assassins Creed
Call of Duty 4
*cough* Pokemon Battle Revolution.

This leaves us looking forward to just one thing, 2008 Release’s. And I use "Release" in all its literal forms, especially the sexual one though. My personal choices of games that will give me dirty thoughts and make me touch myself in that special way. Are:

Devil may Cry 4, They released videos and pics with actual Dante in them! And he speaks! And he has a wooshy charge up sword thing, and the guy playing was rubbish, and I WANNNA PLAY IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

That’s about it, thanks for tuning into our 2008 update.

All other games are academic.


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