Gears of War: the Chainsaw argument.

I’m getting pretty pissed off with Gears. There was a short lived few weeks after everyone was bored with Halo 3 online and went back to Gears, and it was all good player matches were fun, ranked was still full of arseholes, but that’s to be expected. Now everyone seems to have settled down online and it seems that only Gears of War fans are really playing online. Normally this would be a good thing, however there is still one burning question:

To Chainsaw or not to Chainsaw.

The Chainsaw argument, is an unconventional argument, as in there is no fucking argument. Either it is tolerated or it is not. As far as I can see no-one likes being chainsawed, and quite rightly so it is a little humiliating, but that shouldn’t be grounds for online abuse. These are the main issues I see that people have:

1. No skill involved.

BULLSHIT. Admittedly all it takes is pressing the “B” button, but getting yourself close enough to Chainsaw someone is a feat, usually you have to dodge Snipers use scare tactics, though the best one is when you get up behind a sniper that thinks he has got himself a good position.

2. It’s “gay”

Oh this is a great argument, is it any gayer than dancing about with 2 shotguns waiting for one guy to get/hit with an active reload.

3. It’s “IMBA”

That’s because it’s an OHKO. Yeah but ONLY if you get up close, and plus there are loads of tactics you can use with it, fair enough its only one of a few weapons that can kill you without an active reload, the others being the Boomshot, Torque Bow, Sniper, Shotgun, Hammer of Dawn, Revolver and Frag grenades. Which leaves the pistol, smoke grenades and the Hammer burst as the only “Balanced weapons in the game”. Yeah that’s sounds great.

You know what… I’m done.

Arseholes make me hate Gears of War.


  1. Anonymous13:59

    Your wrong

  2. Anonymous14:40

    ok, Ur Wrong, better?

  3. Anonymous15:02


  4. Anonymous13:05

    In any case the issues is not the chainsaw, it did after all just get voted into the top 50 fictional weapons of all time.
    Its the fact that you get people like Richie that only use the chainsaw and inevitably get a kill since it is quite hard to defend against and very easy to kill with. In many ways this adds a rogue variable to the mix, people are quite methodical in Gears, secure the power weapons, regroup, hold them off , make your advance.
    But with some kamakazee lunatic running around with a chainsaw, all the tactics go out the window and the balance is gone. So i would argue that its not so much its an easy kill but in fact it requires tactical re-evaluation which most cant be bothered with.
    In any case i will forever shout at Chainsaw Nubes and give them dogs abuse for upsetting the careful balance of a great game.

  5. Anonymous14:28

    it takes skill to get up close to attack!!!


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