Where has Richie been?

Gone since September. Ha he been working hard? Doing research? Travelling the world and conversing with the interesting people he found therein? I am proud to reveal the answer in a rare email from the estranged co-author of this blog.

Human MageOkay so playing Wow for some of it but not for 3 months surely?

HunterOh okay so maybe one month. Anything else?

Waste of time?Jesus Christ. Expansions work people is the lesson here.

And the beat goes onSome people are just happy in Wow I guess.

UnbelievableSeriously though, I'm informed they are all level 70+. This is a lapse for him. Perhaps we should send over the big ass crane that winches WoW fatties from their bed to his house before he explodes.

This is exactly what Richie looks like in real lifeThank god! A casual game. There's hope for her yet. RIP in Richie.


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