I'm a cookie cutter in a cookie cutter world (of warcraft)...

...is the name of the resource expensive youtube music video parody of Aqua's Barbie girl I would make if I had (in no particular order):
1. Time
2. Software
3. Skills
4. Talent
5. Personality

In it's stead I would like to offer another ham-fisted squat in the blogosphere:

Lvl 60 brings an odd responsibility, Maintaining and gearing yourself up to get "Best in Slot" or "BiS" pronounced "biss" which as an acronym is now noun, adjective, verb and expletive.

BiS is a concept whereby we (the WoW community) realized that the itemization and sets we were chasing back in the day were not optimal. It was generally believed that the tier sets were the best you could get, but that some of them were just shit. Now we know better, thanks to all the years, and all the private server time, for all sorts of reasons that there are more specific items that are more advantageous to chase. As there is a limited number of items in the game, the databases of all these items have done magic and weigh the stats up to be the best item in that slot, slot being the chest slot or the ring slot etc etc. There is a plethora of guides and sites out there that can reference this BiS data and you get to create your own unique snowflake cookie cutter min-maxed build of items to chase.

Reffing my image above I recently joined the green-dress-club, the meme of a paladin in a dress realized; wear the rare dress which has the StatZ on it, out perform your buddies dressed in the EPLIX. Which is great? I'm one step closer to the cookie cutter BiS list, so I can perform that bit more optimally in raids?
Just. Like. Everybody. Else.
Part of min-max culture that is Classic WoW is actually now just realizing that you are playing to reach 18ish items which will carry you through the Raid Tiers and even then a smattering of them will remain with you till the final parts of the game.
Is it fun? Do you get to "play" the game? Are you playing the game your way by seeking the same BiS items everyone else is?
Just doing the content over and over again to hope that that RNGesuz is watching over you?

After a lot of soul searching I have made my peace with this, I want to min-max, I want to be optimum in the group, I couldn't give a a monkies about whether this is meta or following the crowd or whatever...

...That being said! I am chasing my own "sub-plot" aside from being a healer for the guildies. I'm chasing my Ret spec, I spend my time on forums and discords with the theorycrafters checking the Retribution spec and it's different flavors. Squirreling away all the materials and items to craft my dream outfit gear for ret, and getting bits a pieces elsewhere to bolster my min-maxy meme spec :D

Love and BiS
Richaladin T. Paladin


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