On WoW and Fashion

On August 27  Blizzard is launching their WoW re-boot: WoW Classic. 
15 years ago, as our steadfast and loyal readership will remember, I just wouldn’t shut up about WoW, offering almost daily updates on the most mundane aspects of my (crappy) fire mage. And I shall be re-joining the masses this August, this time as a Human Paladin. 
I have dipped my toe in and out of WoW, over the course of its evolution, to it’s current iteration. Though I have not partook in the past 3-ish expansions. WoW has changed a lot it's so fast paced and it’s almost impossible to die, but I will lay out my grumbles on what it has become at another point.

One of my favourite things in WoW was “Transmog”, which initially was collecting pieces of armour or weapons and by taking it to a dude in-game, he could make one look like the other. Previously this worked by having to own the armour you wanted to Transmog with, resulting in bags and banks full of low level armour. Nowadays, however you “collect” the looks allowing you to destroy them once you have got them, after you “collect” them they are added to a transmog menu. Its entirely a quality of life thing even if it is a very abstract concept for an RPG.

Wot I like to dress up in:
So yeah, my favourite class is Paladin, and I like to dress up my Paladin virtual dolly to make her pretty. Luckily Paladins have one of the most iconic sets of armour in the game: the Tier 2 Judgment Armour. The subject of so much reuse, fan art and supremely try-hard cosplay:

As much as I liked the look of the Judgment set, I’m not content with just that. I like to occasionally personalise it and also make it more plate armour-ish version of the set, so rather than spending all my time like that I enjoy spending my time mixing and matching and create an outfits in keeping with the Judgment theme, for your perusal and enjoyment.

There are a few sets in WoW, specifically from the Vanilla/Burning Crusade times that sort of combine well with the Judgement set:

Glorious Set

Hyperion Set

Glorious + Legplates of Blazing Light

Darkcrest set 

The reason I am not considering beyond Vanilla and TBC is that most other armour sets from Wrath of the Lich King onwards, begin to lose any colour or variety. Part of this was to address the “Outland Clown” scenario, whereby the common items and quest rewards were wild colours, and ended up 

These sets all show skin, as along with the gaudy colours these early sets are not woke, WoW was heavily criticized for this back in the day sparking memes about Bikini Warriors with preposterous floating breasts-plate (not a typo), exposed underboob,  or metal panties. As a forward thinking member of “the woke”, definitely gotta try them on my Paladin! Nothing says “Holy Vessel of the light” than being half naked in metal lingerie. 

Tyrants set, Now with Underboob

Going against my Vanilla/TBC rules, one of the most recent additions to WoW has been heritage armours which in the case of the blood elves looks to capture some of the aesthetics of the Judgement set:

Oh and for funs you can always turn to the darkside amd rock a bit of the Scarlet Crusade!

Love and WoW is teH SuXxorZ,
Richie X


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