Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2: A Review

Wow, well... We at Thatguys sure do love our Lego games and with Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 it's no differe....

...Woah, just hold up a minute there fucko, are you seriously nonchalantly doing a fucking post on a game from a year ago? Are you seriously gonna fob of this bullshit on us and not even actually acknowledge that your post rate has dropped from 200 per year, down to 8 per year?  Actually, No, I don't even want to hear your fucking excuses of "oh my gosh I'm so old and busy", or "I don't play games any more". That is fucking lies, and you know it, you are rationalising your neglect of a platform that brought you so much joy in the mid-naughties. You have probably spent more time on it in the last 3 years, updating to make it pretty than you have on actual content! "second greatest videogames blog of all time" pffft Prick. Go ahead do your fucking flaccid lethargic literary dry hump of a post on a game people no longer even care about. I hope you fucking choke on the rancid pseudo-positive tone you place on it. Cunt...

...nt. Firstly! We gotta note we were apprehensive of this one, no Sony franchises, no x-men etc. Had us worried! As the first Lego Marvel Super heroes nailed that! But! despite them being missed they rest of the game, it still delivers! Deadpool is brilliantly replaced with Gwenpool, a change I would have been happy with even if they didn't have the license!

And oh man, the love and attention to detail on this one should not go unnoticed! Just that opening movie and level, the licensed music from Guardians, the Peter Quill movements. Spot on! Somebody was properly doing their job there! Don't get us wrong here, its the same formula break stuff, build stuff, solve a puzzle, find a secret, come back again and find more secrets. Of course we all realise that this is a little nod from Telltale games around the philosophy of creation and destruction :)

...Excuse me?!? What the fuck is this even... Oh my God, you smarmy jizz stain, This is not funny, this is just sad, Firstly, "We all realise" oh do we all, or is this you just saying "if you didn't realise this then you must not be that in-the-know!". Secondly, What the fuck is "the philosophy of creation and destruction" eh? Oh yeah which philosopher, what actual educated philosopher dedicated a chunk of his life to this "philosophy of creation and destruction"? You don't even fucking know. Fucking Cunt. Finally, I have to re-state this its not even funny IT'S JUST SAD, what are you trying to prove here, why even include this? fucking self-edit you deflated penile polyp. Oh and on a side note, you can massively fuck off and just die with that emoji...

I think what has made me happy with Lego Marvel 2 is the move away from the "Manhattan" created in Lego Marvel 1, which was then again, without shame, reused in the awful Lego Avengers game. And following from that I'm so happy that Lego is telling their OWN story, when they end up using sound bites from the movies is is so super cringe! I reminds me of Windows 3.1 when you used to have soundbites of Frasier and Beavis and Butthead as part of your sound scheme, and they were so poorly edited that they still had laugh tracks appended to them.

Finally, what I am most pleased to see is new features! This game includes a multiplayer arena! In which you have several different modes and can team up against the CPU or play vs each other. This is the Lego feature that I didn't even know we needed.

All in all I can without hesitation say this is the best one so far! Now I'll see you guys in a year when I finally get round to playing DC Villains!

...Right is that you done? Satisfied? Got that shit out your system? time to sit back on your laurels passive-aggressively wait for Cunzy to do a post? Yeah whatever thanks for the token bullshit post, fuck off for a couple of months until the guilt of the website takes you over and you feel entitled to actually review one of the many games you actually have played? There is no real way to emphasise  the pure venom in the words "fuck off, cunt" when I use them at you... 

Love and internal dialogues,

Richie X


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