Freedom Force: A game that came out 13 years ago

Like most people with a steam account, I buy things on a whim... I have around 150 games in my steam library and still complain that, I have nothing to play... One such of these whim-bought games is Freedom Force.

I, at the risk of being one those dicks who say, "OMG this movie came out X years ago, doesn't that make you feel so old!", remember this game fondly when it came out. It wasn't Marvel or DC but it was a comic book style (even though I do not read comic books) game. I remember it being pimped to me as Diablo 2 with Superheroes, even though it is not a hack and slash, nor features any loot whatsoever. I do remember spending until the wee hours customizing and clicking on these copyright infringing polygony superheroes.

So I bought it and loaded it up again, well I say "Loaded up" as with any game on Steam, more than a few days old there is always a bit of jiggery-pokery to make it work, so let me rephrase:

So I bought it, clicked play, turns out the mouse didn't work, pressed alt+f4.... a few months later... I clicked play again, remembered the issue with the mouse, pressed alt+f4, opened Google, Searched for "Frredom Force Mouse issue", Google asks me did you mean "Freedom Force Mouse issue", yes I did Google, thank you very much for passively-aggressively auto-correcting me, found some forums with the same issue, created an icon on the desktop, double clicked it, the mouse worked... huzzah. I'm so glad I paid money already; I'm solving puzzles before the game even launches!

So I mentioned polygons earlier, yeah I did. Polygons is a word that does/should make you feel old. Polygons existed from like really early games but they proper kicked off with PC in the Mid 90s then a bit more so with the PS1/N64. they were the first answer to "3D" before (and after) you had to wear silly glasses to trick your eyes. Anyways nowadays you have many many more and more intelligent polygons. but with Freedom Force there are like, I dunno, 3 polygons... Big flat faces. So not only do I feel old for using the word Polygon, I now feel older still remembering when that was visually passable.

Check those polygon knees, that is just cruel

What the fuck Richie... Shut up!
I will! Just lemmie quickly tell you about the game, does it stand the test of time? No, no it does not, but also yes, yes it does. As much as the rose tinted memory of the gameplay doesn't really match up to today's standards, you can literally just spend hours on one mission, there is also no games quite like it now... Its sort of a campy X-Com with no fluff (they don't make em like they used to!). Will I play this again? No probably not, I briefly had a wee look online about Freedom Force, there is still a hardcore following, mods are still being made (mostly for Marvel/DC universe characters) these mod  sites/communities have been going for over a decade, those are gonna be some OLD site moderators...

Love and Minuteman is not a flattering name,

Richie X


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