Resident Evil 20 years...

Resident evil is 20 years old.

People love this fucking stuff, "Oh my god this movie came out X years ago, doesn't it make you feel, like, so old"

Well yes, and it more pertinent for us as we define ourselves with Resident fucking Evil!


I have Played Resident evil SO MANY TIMES when it first came out I was speedrunning that bad boy to get the infinite Rocket Launcher. I have owned so many versions of the game, remakes, directors cuts, imports, whatever... I dont even want to think about the time/money I have spent on Capcoms franchise... Any way I bought it AGAIN, this time on my Vita! A great wee 20th anniversary bundle of all 3 original games... Lovely.

I rattle up Resident evil 1 watch the opening video,, smile as I reminisce about using real actors in FMV sequences, go though the starting dialogue, hear that annoying grandfather clock ticking away in the dining room, DO a quick turnaround at the terrible white face zombie... blah blah. I get to the point where you are in the corridor with the Zombie dogs, I know the Zombie dogs are gonna crash through the window... I check the box on the side, Dog jumps through the window. I Shit myself.

20 years on, the game still makes me jump... I am both disappointed at myself, and impressed with the game.

Love and this time 20 years ago, Prodigy's Firestarter was on the radio, doesn't that make you feel, like, so old!

Richie X


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