Tomodachi Life

Earlier this year, life-sim lite, Tomodachi Life came out for the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately 90% of the coverage from the red top gaming sites exclusively focused on Nintendo's controversial decision to exclude same-sex relationships in the game. In itself that decision rightly deserves highlighting but as ever, the proper journalism parodying gaming press reported nothing but this, resulting in a lot of coverage that failed to explain what a 'Tomodachi Life' was in the first place. I don't know if Nintendo were happier to receive any coverage at all or unhappier that it was all negative. Interesting, especially given how the press fall over themselves to create content every time a GTA or Saint's Row comes out, with only a handful of the more thoughtful hacks sparing a sentence or two for the inherent misogyny, sexism and racism that those games portray (hastily followed by hand waivey 'but it's alright cos it's GTA isn't it?'). Anyway, turns out it's pretty good but I've got no idea how well it sold because that would be useful information. 

In short, Tomodachi Life is a life-sim lite a la Animal Crossing but with all the legwork taken out of it. If you're the kind of mouth breather who can't sleep at night if they think that they may have accidentally played a 'non-game' then do steer well clear of this. It's essentially a doll's house populated by your Miis be they friends, family, evil dictators or religious figures. For those of you whose real life is tragically pathetic then you can drop into Tomodachi Life, occassionally stuffing your resident's faces with food and helping them out with their trivial daily shit. What makes this 'game' is the suite of social tools so now you can get revenge on all those couples you know who think everything their spawn does is worthy of a Facebook header change and relentless spam them with the Japanese mentalness sprinkled daily comings and goings of your Miis. 

I'll shut up now. Here are some pictures and you can make your own mind up about it.  

9/10 probably better than your real life but you're too chicken to kill yourself.


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