Bloody Hearthstoners

Right so, blizzard have brought out a card game thing.

A. Card. Game. Not a massive expansive world, not a spin-off to Starcraft, not a rotational life cycle DoTA clone... A card game.

Aaaand, its good, so fucking good! It shouldn't be, but it is. Right now its a PC game, again, it shouldn't be, but it is. Its a Mobile game that was beta'd on PC but just works great. I remember playing the card games like Pokemon Card game on the Gameboy Colour and even the old Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos PC games. And see its all its not about the mechanics of the game, which I will not bore you with, or the tie in to the WoW franchise; Its that the game is so beautifully polished and wonderfully balanced.

All of the characters are unique and offer a different experience in play.

The other impressive part is its free, entirely free. Well... Not really free, I mean it does give you the option to buy packs of cards which is very enticing because that is the only way to get new cards is through these packs which can be bough through gold (Grind Currency) or real money. But it monetizes beautifully you don't buy packs as a way to conquer a difficulty wall. You buy them for the fun of collecting cards, you know like when you were a kid... Awesome!

Love and we can all agree that the Shaman is dick.

Richie X


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