Holy Friday Monsters Batman!

Oh look at that, what are we doing now? ANOTHER commentary on a 3DS game... Yeah Yeah we know, its a dying system with jumped up mobile games (with shittier Graphics) we PROMISE we'll do something on a proper system soon! But for now: shut up and shove this in your eyeholes, dicklips.

Well well, Richie look at that, what the fuck are you trying to pull? Not only are you talking about yet another 3DS game but you are talking about one of those "download only" ones from months ago.

Yeah well... Its fucking cheap on the eShop, deal with it, if you have a problem that... then seriously dude, take a long hard look at your life and the things that are important to you, reflect for a while on your priorities, because frankly its our fucking blog, and we do what the fuck we want! We have been resident in this little corner of the internet for seven years, we write pure gold, maybe it doesn't make sense to you now. But some day it will, don't think we don't have this planned, no sirree, we have it all worked out and you "dear reader" are nothing but a pawn along for a free ride.

Anyways... AOTFM: ATT as I like to call it. Is a glorified visual novel, it has a great atmosphere and ambiance created but the sights and sounds of the "game". It genuinely makes me pine for a time when I lived as a kid in 1970s Japan... Which I did not! That is how impressively that atmosphere encapsulates you! The "game" or "light entertainment experience" requires no skill, talent or generates a challenge. It simply is. I like it, it was a relaxing fun experience, my only qualms with it are, that it was a bit short, I could not care about the tacked on card game thing.

Definitely worth £2.69

Love and apparently the Vita is full of shit like this, yet I refuse to buy one!?!

Richie X


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